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The iPad Pro, iPad Air and iPad mini also gets a price cut in Malaysia


Apart from iPhones, Apple has also slashed its Malaysian pricing for the entire iPad family. This includes its top of the line iPad Pro, iPad Air 2, iPad mini 4 and its entry-level iPad mini 2.


iPad mini 4

32GB WiFi RM1,599 (16GB) RM1,699
128GB WiFi RM2,399RM2,099
32GB Cellular RM2,099 (16GB) RM2,199
128GB Cellular RM2,899 RM2,599

iPad Air 2

32GB WiFi RM1,699 (16GB) RM1,699
128GB WiFi RM2,799 (Sept 2015) RM2,099
32GB Cellular RM2,199 (16GB) RM2,199
128GB Cellular RM3,299 (Sept 2015) RM2,599

iPad Pro 9.7

32GB WiFi RM2,699
128GB WiFi RM3,399 RM3,099
256GB WiFi RM4,099 RM3,499
32GB Cellular RM3,299
128GB Cellular RM3,999 RM3,699
256GB Cellular RM4,699 RM4,099

iPad Pro 12.2

32GB WiFi RM3,599 RM3,499
128GB WiFi RM4,299 RM3,899
256GB WiFi RM4,999 RM4,299
128GB Cellular RM4,899 RM4,499
256GB Cellular RM5,599 RM4,899

Similar to the iPhone, Apple is making 32GB the defacto minimum for its iPad lineup and the most affordable option is the iPad mini 2 that’s now priced at RM1,049 for the 32GB WiFi option. When the newer iPad Pro series was introduced, Apple had discontinued the 128GB option for the iPad Air 2 but they have now brought it back to streamline with its current storage offering.

The biggest price cut can be found on the larger storage options for the iPad Pro 9.7 and 12.2. You can get as much as RM700 less for the massive 256GB storage option on the iPad Pro 12.2 and RM600 off for the compact 9.7 version. For info, head over to the iPad page on the Apple Malaysia online store.

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