OnePlus 3 review: Third time’s the charm

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A lot of OnePlus’ core principle was about not forcing the customer to choose between a budget price and flagship specs. But with the OnePlus 3, the company’s latest and most expensive smartphone in Malaysia yet, one has to wonder: Has the plucky rebel finally given in to the cutthroat capitalist?

Well, no, Not really.

You still get a bucket load of power under the hood with a top of the line processor and a mind-boggling amount of RAM. You also get fairly large internal storage as standard which is great.

What’s more, OnePlus have also taken their smartphone build game to an all new level with a metal unibody that’s nice and thin with a subtle curve so it fits your hand better.

It’s really just a fantastic smartphone in its own right, regardless of the price. Yes, this may be the most expensive OnePlus flagship to hit Malaysian shores, but it’s still nearly half the price of its high-end competitors.

There is, however, one critical flaw. An Achilles heel, if you must.

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12 Comments for OnePlus 3 review: Third time’s the charm


Rory sounds like a rebellious teen in this review. One half-arsed budget review. Oh no.

1M with OnePlus 3

I have been using OP3 for almost a month now, and from my average battery SOT derived from GSAM, I am looking at 4h. 4h to 5h is quite the average for most people out there, so no idea why is yours only 3h. You can check the forums for more feedback on this. I am on 3.2.2 as well.

Also, I think most of what you said matches with my experience, but since you only started using OP3, I think there is a part where you forgot to review which is their OxygenOS. Software is where it is clean, but also bare. There are also quirks with their DND system, lack of access to the old “Menu” button, Doze not functioning properly and some other issues which could be irritating. Whilst the price is good, there is a tradeoff, which is basically barebones software and moderately problematic bugs which needs addressing.


    It’s a fair feedback, SOT pretty much very dependent whats been running in both foreground and background. Everyone will have their own version of light and heavy use, unless comparison is done using standard battery benchmarking tools. I’m using OP3 on 3.2.2 and gets slightly over 3 hours SOT.


Whoever wrote this probably sponsored by Samsung to do it.

At almost 1/2 the price of a Galaxy Note 7 with a slightly inferior to features to the screen with same CPU for its US/Japan equivalent, consumers don't even need to think which has better bang for the buck.

derek law

Rory, can the phone last you at least 12-hrs from morning until you go to bed?

How long can each half-hour charge last typically?

    Rory Lee

    Hi Derek. Usually it can last me 12 hours, but my days are often longer than that so by the time I get home after work, it's nearly dead. But that also varies depending on usage, though, in my experience, not by too much (maybe 10-15 mins of SOT).

    Regarding the half-hour charge, I didn't test that aspect of battery life so I can't give you exact numbers. Since you get more than half your battery charge back, I think you can get a rough estimate from there. Hope this helps!

      derek law

      TQVM for the prompt feedback


Just pray hard your phone keeps functioning perfectly. One Plus's after sales support is akin to a scam.……


Hi Soya Cincau,

Where can I buy the oneplus 3?



how is the after sale services? Good or bad?


    i have been using OP2 for almost 2 years and been facing the home button not functioning + fingerprint not read, send to the service centre at MW plaza .. it took only 2 weeks to rectify mine, so for me.. it is good and acceptable.


just an arseDroid.