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iPrice lets you find the best deals online in one place

Posted:  August 18, 2016   By:    16 comments   


Malaysians are getting spoilt for choice when it comes to online shopping. There are plenty of online stores but how would you know if you’re getting the best deal online? That’s where iPrice comes in.

Not only do they compare pricing from various stores but it also cuts down your shopping time by up to 80%. You can probably think of it as the SkyScanner for online shopping.

Search all offers on one site


From its media event today, iPrice is introducing a couple of new features to improve your shopping experience. When searching for a product, the iPrice search engine now adds a layer of segregation where you can filter your results by colours, sizes, memory capacity and more according to your preference. This is practical for multi-variant products especially smartphones.


Getting a price comparison on the surface is only half the picture. For a more in-depth comparison, iPrice is also showing additional costs including shipping or delivery charges. It also displays estimated shipping time and payment options for greater clarity without landing on the merchant’s site.

While the new enhancements offer a better overview of all items available, it doesn’t take into account special deal or extra discounts which require voucher/promo code. You can still find voucher or coupon deals on a separate tab on iPrice but it could have been better if it was integrated with its current search engine.

According to iPrice, the top 3 consumer concerns about online shopping are authenticity, security and hidden costs. As an added protection, iPrice has a dedicated acquisition team which scrutinises its merchants for the quality of listing and payment options available. They have also taken necessary steps to ensure that only genuine and authentic products are listed on iPrice.

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More consumers are shopping online


The folks at iPrice had also shared a couple of interesting insights on online shopping with South East Asia as the fastest growing region in the world. According to a recent study by Google and Temasek, eCommerce is expected to grow from US$6 billion to US$90 billion by 2025.


Among the countries in the region, Malaysia has one of the fastest delivery with 22% of orders received within 2 days and 23% of orders within 4 days. When it comes to paying, card payments are still popular in Malaysia at 61% as opposed to cash at 26% of total transactions.

Trying out iPrice


In normal circumstances, the iPrice search function works fine and you can quickly compare various offers for the same product. This saves time as you can compare at a glance without the need of searching repeatedly on different sites. If you find what you want, just click to proceed with the transaction on the respective online store.


Sometimes the search engine could return a different result from what you’re looking for. When we tried searching for Galaxy Note7, it returned a couple of odd listings and we had to scroll a little further to find the actual device. This is certainly an area that iPrice might want to improve.

To compare the latest offers online, you can try searching over at iPrice Malaysia.

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16 Comments for iPrice lets you find the best deals online in one place


The search result is horrible and total irrelevant. A lot of works to be done before it is even usable.


    Hi Sktay,

    Appreciate your feedback.
    Could you share with us which specific product or search you made?
    We will pass the feedback to our Engineering Team to look into the matter.

    Thanks again,
    Matteo from iPrice Group

Working Adult

Agreed. Results are totally off. I randomly did a search and i can save i can find a better deal elsewhere on a local online store.



    As per above reply, could you share with us which specific product or search you made?
    We will pass the feedback to our Engineering Team to look into the matter.

    Thanks again,
    Matteo from iPrice Group

      Working Adult

      Huawei P9 Plus. Prices at GEMFIVE add in the syiok12 code is easily cheaper than what is offered at lazada.


St**id iprice. Bad filters , no proper search, you are making us lose money by using your useless site during to time wastage.


    Hi Ram,

    If you could share with us which specific product or search you made, we will pass the feedback to our Engineering Team to look into the matter.

    Thanks a lot,
    Matteo from iPrice Group


To iPrice,

Try to search "Huawei P9 Plus case" & see what outcome. Not even exact "Huawei P9 Plus case" show out. Not friendly use at all….. Kindly of failure….


    Hi Joe,

    Since the article came out we put some additional engineering efforts to improve our search functionality.
    You can check the results for the Huawei P9 Plus case query here: https://iprice.my/search/?term=Huawei+P9+Plus+cas…

    We are working to improve on our search functionality on a daily basis to provide more and more accurate results, as it's still far from perfect.

    Please don't hesitate to provide us with additional valuable feedback!

    Thanks again,
    Matteo from iPrice


How is this piece not a sponsored advertorial? You guys keep writing such pieces with the aim of spreading information and yet it sounds like an advert.

I have brought this issue up before. Please change your writing style because it really seems like you are pushing the service. You did it wit Shopback and u are doing it again here. I understand that revenue needs to be generated but please be clear about the process.

I believe the intention is not there to mask the content, but until you stop making your 'coverage' sound passive aggressive, it's going to continue annoying the slice of fanbase that knows a thing or two about how blogs generate income. Unless of course such things don't matter to your team.


    Just for your information, this is not a paid post and we can assure that we will never mask any paid content on SoyaCincau.com. As mentioned before, any paid content will be declared upfront on the first line so that our readers will be well informed.

    We reported based on what was announced during the event. If you read it in full, we have mentioned the limitations of the site which left out offers that could have been cheaper with vouchers and the inconsistent search results. If there's anything factually wrong, please point it out and we will make the necessary corrections.


You should ask yourself about the reliability of data!
If you have a look in their website, you can easy figure out, that they don't own any data. They are only redirecting visitors to 3rd party websites. So they definitly do not have any data on how customers are behaving in e-commerce.
I also tried their "price comparisn" and never saw such a bad maintained feature before. Don't know if they have ever heard of e-commerce.

After this experience, I googled a bit about iprice, and you can easily see, that they have purchased many advertorials in the past and even their Wikipedia article is based on paid advertorials!


From https://iprice.my/gaming/nintendo/?page=3
Look for 3DS – nintendo xl us (red) from shoppu redirected to 404 page .. Think you guys need to work harder on the data to be more accurate.


Look like all item from shoppu.com.my under Nintendo is not valid …


    Hi Chc,

    We have fixed all previous issues with Shoppu.com.my.
    Happy to receive additional feedback 🙂

    Thanks again,
    Matteo from iPrice


the bald guy is very hot btw LOL