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Fitbit’s replacement to their Charge and Flex wearables look pretty good


Fitbit has revealed that they have “exciting new products” heading our way towards the year and it looks like we’re getting the first glimpse at two of those exciting new products. Techno Buffalo recently got their hands on some images of the upcoming Fitbit Flex 2 and Fitbit Charge 2, and the devices look pretty slick.


First up we have the Fitbit Charge 2 which replaces the original Fitbit Charge. The new Charge 2 comes with a PurePulse heart rate monitor (something only available on the Charge HR). Besides that, the Charge 2 will have a larger screen for viewing data and health metrics.


That means the Charge 2 can fulfill the role of a smartwatch-fitness tracker hybrid. It’ll be able to display notifications from your smartphone, while at the same time function as an all-day fitness tracker with sleep, activity and multi-sport tracking. When it comes to looks, the Charge 2 looks a lot like a sleeker surge with the same elastomer band.


Next, we have the Flex 2. The new Flex builds on the original’s theme with a simple and sleek design that looks unobtrusive on your wrist. It doesn’t have a screen so it will likely sit just below the Alta on Fitbit’s hierarchy of products.


One nice thing is that it’s supposed to be “swim proof” so it’ll be ideal for those that love exercising in the pool. Fitbit hasn’t really offered this in the past as most of their devices can survive a splash or a shower but not a swim. Finally a truly waterproof Fitbit?

So far there’s no information on when these devices will be available but Techno Buffalo has noted that the date on the Charge 2 is set for November 27.

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