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Xiaomi Mi 5 review: Not the one you want



Xiaomi‘s reputation precedes itself. The Chinese mobile internet company is legendary for punching above its class when it comes to consumer electronics and gadgets. When their flagship Mi 5 launched in Malaysia, it looked like a home run, but the truth is a little more complicated than that.

Take a look at one of their latest success stories, the Redmi Note 3, and you’ll see why Xiaomi is so adored in this part of the world. It’s a great smartphone in its own right and when you find out how much it costs, you have rational sound-minded individuals collectively flipping out with excitement.

The same could pretty much be said for the Xiaomi Mi 5 when it was first unveiled in Barcelona. Even the base model looked pretty good on paper with respectable specifications including a flagship processor, healthy amount of RAM and a reasonable amount of storage. Even the camera looked pretty good on paper.

But if I had to describe my time with the Mi 5 to you in one word, that word would be frustrating.