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Spotify Gaming wants to be your hub for video game music


Spotify is one of my favourite apps. Gaming is one of my favourite past time activities. Put those two together and you’re in for a treat. Meet Spotify’s latest hub for all your gaming’s musical needs — Spotify Gaming.

No, it’s not some sophisticated way of integrating the music streaming service into your video games. It’s much simpler than that. Spotify Gaming, in essence, is a portal or genre that’s specifically dedicated to video gaming and the original soundtracks (OST) that accompany those games. If you’ve ever wanted to listen to the beautifully curated tracks that make up the musical journey of your favourite video game, then this is your library.


Top OSTs include the adventurous tracks from the new Uncharted 4, the swanky hits from Grand Theft Auto V and the eerie yet hopeful (mostly eerie) tunes from Naughty Dog’s epic survival horror game The Last of Us.


That’s not all, Spotify has also included specially curated playlists that are designed to add another layer of depth to your gaming sessions with lists like Power Gaming, Rock Gaming and, if you’re feeling old-school, Retro Gaming. Spotify also collaborated with the likes of Day[9] and Sneaky Zebra to come up with their personalised Guest Lists.

If you want to check out the full list, head on over to Spotify Gaming, or hit up the “Gaming” genre (Browse>Gaming) in your Spotify app.