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These are MCMC’s 10 tips to keep you safe when playing Pokemon Go


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you would’ve probably heard about Pokemon Go by now. Since it officially launched in Malaysia, this game has taken the nation by storm. In the past, if you see people wandering the street aimlessly in the middle of the night, they were probably unsavoury characters. These days, it’s probably someone trying to be a Pokemon Master.

Either way, this game has attracted a lot of attention, both good and bad, because many Pokemon Go players can become so consumed by it. There have been accidents, scary findings and even kidnapping scares. So, in an attempt to educate the public on the dangers of Pokemon Go, the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) has released a set of safety guidelines when playing Pokemon Go.

Here are the 10 things outlined in the safety guidelines:

1. Protect your private information.

The game requires you to register and share private information besides using the Global Positioning System (GPS). Consider if you are willing to expose your private information. Parents should be aware that their children’s data are taken when they play Pokemon Go.

2. Be care of frauds online or offline.

Be careful about false mobile applications and suspicious tools which are online and offered to you. This is because such applications can expose you to malware.

3. Monitor the amount of money you spend when making purchases through mobile applications, they may be very costly.

There are purchases which can be made through mobile applications with other incentives that can reach as high as RM429.99 (for 14,500 PokeCoins). Therefore, always be aware of what you spend.

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4. Data connection

Pokemon Go will make use of GPS and data connection (Wi-Fi or mobile data either 3G or 4G) to get the latest information on the situation around you and this is likely to affect your mobile data quota.

5. Bring along extra battery for your phone

Pokemon Go will consume a lot of your phone’s battery. As such bring along your battery charger or power source and be prepared to contact family members in case of an emergency.

6. Do not enter danger areas, protected areas or places of worship, respect the privacy of these areas

Do not wander or enter danger areas and prohibited areas or places of worship in order to catch Pokemon.

7. Beware of individuals who want to meet up with you

Do not play alone or agree to meet with strangers while playing the game.

8. Be careful when playing and do not ride a bicycle or motorcycle or drive a car while using your phone

Be careful when using your phone and do not ride a bicycle, motorcycle, or drive a car while playing Pokemon Go or sending text messages to your friends and family members.

9. Any party with concerns on Pokemon Go security and sensitivity issues should contact the party which developed the game at the following address:

Niantic, Inc.
2 Bryant Street
Suite 220, San Francisco, CA 94105,
United States of America

10. To report on issues concerning PokeStop or Gym

Head to their support page.

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