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A closer look at the new Samsung Gear VR for the Note7


Samsung is still pushing virtual reality with its Gear VR headsets and Gear 360 camera. Since the latest Galaxy Note7 uses a USB Type-C port, the current Gear VRs wouldn’t fit. This calls for a newer version that would support their latest flagship.

Is it just the same headset with a USB Type-C connector? Read on to find out what else is new.


To differentiate itself from the previous Gear VRs, the new one comes in black. It has a blueish tint instead of an all black look of the S7 edge Injustice Edition.


On the right side, it gets a flat touch pad like the earlier Innovator’s Edition. As a comparison, the current Gear VR for the Galaxy S6/S6 edge+/Note5/S7/S7 edge has extra directional grooves on the touch pad. In addition, Samsung has added an extra Home button next to the Back button. There’s also a volume rocker located closer to the front.


In terms of optics, Samsung has also upgraded the new Gear VR with a wider 101° Field of View lens. This, in theory, should provide a better VR experience than the current 96° Field of View on the existing Gear VR. If you’re either short or far sighted, it has a focus wheel at the top for minor adjustments.


The new Gear VR is also backward compatible with older models. The USB Type-C connector can be replaced with a micro USB head to support Galaxy S6, S6 edge, S6 edge+, S7, S7 edge+ and Note5.


There’s a switch on the inside that lets you adjust the hinge support between compact and larger phablets.

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Compared to the current Gear VR, the new headset is slightly bulkier. The current consumer Gear VR measures 201.9mm (W) x 116.4mm (L) x 92.6 mm (H) and it weighs 318 grams. Meanwhile the new version for the Note7 measures at 207.8mm (W) x 122.5mm (L) x 98.6mm (H) and it weighs 345g with the front cover on.

So far Samsung Malaysia has yet to reveal the pricing for the new Gear VR. As for the Galaxy Note7, it is priced at RM3,199 with pre-orders starting on 8th August. We don’t have details of their pre-order promo yet and they might probably bundle the headset like their previous S7 edge promo.

Alexander Wong