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LG V20 to launch in September with Android Nougat on board


LG’s V10 was a fairly interesting device as it was a G4 on steroids, with one or two added features like the secondary ticker display and two selfie cameras. It was definitely a head turner of a device, but unfortunately, it never got an official launch in Malaysia.

Now, though, LG has officially revealed that there will be a sequel to the V10 and it will be one of the first devices running Android Nougat.

LG has confirmed that the successor to the V10 will be dubbed the V20 and will see an official launch in September. Beyond that, there doesn’t appear to be many other details.


Since the LG V10 was a souped up G4, it seems likely that the V20 will share some similarities with the semi-modular LG G5. The only question is, how much will the V20 retain from the G5? Will it also have the semi-modular design? Will it also be made of metal?

So many questions, but not really many answers. The good news is, September is not that far off, so expect to see more information regarding it as we get closer to the launch.

With the V20’s reveal, we can also expect to see Android Nougat rear its head sometime before the end of September.

What do you guys think of a successor V10? Let me know in the comments below.