Samsung Galaxy Note7 teaser video hints its upcoming features


The Samsung Galaxy Note7 will be unpacked in 4 days time and the Korean smartphone maker has just released its first official teaser video. While the phone isn’t shown, it does confirm some of the things we would expect in the latest flagship phablet.


In the first part, it mentions about complicated passwords. While Samsung has already offered fingerprint scanner for quicker unlocking, we know that the new Galaxy Note7 will come with a new iris recognition feature.


The next scene touches on selfies which probably boasts better performance in low light. From what we gather, the Galaxy Note7 would retain the same 5MP front and 12MP rear cameras as the Galaxy S7/S7 edge that comes with a faster f/1.7 lens.


Next, it hints that the Galaxy Note7 would have new translation features as it talks about memorising or taking up a language course.


The following scene shows a traditional rotary dial phone being thrown into a pool. This is an obvious sign that the next Note will have water resistance like the current Galaxy S7/S7 edge.


If you are not aware yet, the next Galaxy Note won’t be a Galaxy Note6 and Samsung will be skipping a number straight to the Galaxy Note7. This is to streamline is naming convention with its current Galaxy S series.

Hit play below to watch the Galaxy Note7 teaser and if you haven’t seen it yet, check out our 7 things to expect from the Galaxy Note7.

Alexander Wong