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Maxis wants to make businesses smarter with IoT


Internet connectivity isn’t just limited to smartphones, tablets and computers anymore. There are more connected devices such as smart cameras, digital displays, WiFi connected appliances and trackers.

Dubbed as IoT (Internet of Things), these connected devices can help increase efficiency, automate processes, reduce cost and enhance customer experience. Imagine companies being able to track their fleet of company cars or having a fully automated workplace where you can control your appliances from your smartphone.


To drive this in Malaysia, Maxis is partnering with Vodafone which has extensive experience in M2M (Machine to machine) and IoT services. According to Maxis, there will be almost twice the number of connected “things” compared to people by 2020 in Malaysia. It is predicted that there will be over 25 billion connected devices worldwide by that time.


Maxis IoT solutions will be customised to your business needs with integration to existing systems. With its wide 4G network, it aims to provide a seamless connectivity nationwide as well as neighbouring countries. For better peace of mind, Maxis will also ensure multiple layers of security for greater data privacy.


To get your business started, Maxis is offering an IoT Trial Pack that’s free for 30 days. The pack comes with 5 SIM cards and access to Maxis M2M Hub. If you’re interested, you can sign up over here.


To take your business remotely, Maxis is also offering a mobile card payment solution that’s called Maybank mPOS. This allows you to accept debit and credit card payments on the spot from as low as RM18/month with MaxisONE Business or FlexiShare. You can learn more about Maxis Maybank mPos over here.

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For businesses with a fleet of trucks and vans, you can keep track of your moving assets with mDrive. This lets you locate your vehicles, monitor driving patterns as well as diagnostics of the vehicle’s condition.

Just plug in the mDrive module into the vehicle’s OBDii port and you can track using an app on your smartphone. The device is offered on a monthly subscription from RM55/month with a MaxisONE Business plan. More details of Maxis mDrive can be found here.

For further information, you can learn more at Maxis’ IoT page.

Alexander Wong