HTC 10 review: The old guard is back

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HTC made bold claims in the build-up to the launch of their brand new flagship smartphone, the HTC 10. They were “obsessed” with perfection, but have they succeeded?

On their brochure, the company did seem to hit a lot of the right notes, with a powerful flagship-class processor, an ample amount of RAM, a moderate battery and a high-resolution display.

What makes the HTC 10 stand out, is how well every part was gelled together thanks to the clean, stock, and very pretty Sense Android skin. I think it’s currently the closest thing you can get to a 2016 Nexus device.

Top it all off with an exquisitely made metal unibody plus an interesting design choice and you’ve got a seriously good smartphone here. Is it perfect? I don’t think so, not in the conventional sense anyway.

But, I do think it’s perfect for one very specific type of person. A type of person that I think is in quite a lot of us.

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2 Comments for HTC 10 review: The old guard is back


There’s a pink hue issue on the lcd,i returned for exchange,still waiting the new one come. Hopefully the new one lcd ok.


I think one plus and Sony is closer to stock than sense .