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Could this mean that the iPhone 7 will be waterproof?


iOS 10‘s beta recently rolled out for the public to get a good feel of what they can expect for the upcoming iOS experience. Many jumped on board and are slowly discovering more and more nifty features as time goes on. This newest feature might just save your iPhone from something nasty.

Most devices are water resistant, but there are still ways for water to short circuit your handset. One example is when you try to charge a wet device.

With iOS 10, your iPhone will prompt you when it detects that your Lightning port is wet. The prompt appears when you hook up your iPhone with a Lightning accessory or try to charge it. The prompt informs you that liquid has been detected in the connector and that you should disconnect whatever was plugged in and allow the port to dry.

Keep in mind that this feature currently only works on the iPhone 6s and above.


We’ve seen this before on the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge which doesn’t allow you to charge your phone when the microUSB port is still wet. It prompts you in a similar way and blocks charging to your phone until the port is dry.

Of course, the Galaxy S7 edge is IP68 water resistant, so a feature like this would make sense. On your conventional non-water resistant device, you wouldn’t want water anywhere near your handset, so why would iOS 10 need to warn you about this at all?

Unless Apple expects a future iPhone to intentionally get wet. Uh, waterproof iPhone 7 anyone?

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