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Future Samsung devices will support both UFS and MicroSD Cards


Samsung had recently introduced the world’s first removable UFS (Universal Flash Storage) cards that offer blazing SATA SSD-like performance. Of course many would have imagined incompatibility issues that are often associated with new formats. Will Samsung abandon the good old MicroSD for good?


The folks at Droid-Life had reached out to Samsung and it looks like there’s nothing to worry about. While UFS cards won’t fit on existing microSD slots, Samsung had developed a socket design that will support both UFS and microSD cards.

In short, if Samsung ever introduces a smartphone with UFS card support, you can still use your existing MicroSD cards. On top of that, they are working with various partners in the industry to make this a standard for future devices.

Once UFS cards hit the shelves, you can expect a premium price tag compared to microSD. This shouldn’t come as a surprise since it offers 5X read speeds up to 530MB/s and write speeds up to 170MB/s. In real life usage, reading a 5GB Full HD movie file takes just 10 seconds on UFS compared to 50 seconds on a UHS-1 microSD card. For writing speeds, it takes under 7 seconds to shoot 24 large JPEG (1,120MB) photos on a professional DSLR versus 32 seconds with a UHS-1 microSD.

There’s a chance that Samsung might introduce UFS expandable storage on the upcoming Galaxy Note7. If they do, you can rest assured that it will still support your current microSD cards.


Alexander Wong