Yes 4G reveals its LTE Postpaid Plan

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UPDATE: Yes has unveiled more postpaid and prepaid offerings. More specs for the Yes Altitude Android smartphone.

UPDATE 2: We now have a list of compatible devices.

Yes 4G is finally in the mobile business as they have unveiled its commercial 4G LTE postpaid plan. When Yes 4G LTE was launched about 2 weeks ago, they had bundled free prepaid SIMs, with 30GB of quota, with every new Samsung Galaxy J (2016) device. If you’ve been waiting for a postpaid alternative, this could be it.


Kicking things off is the hero Yes 4G LTE Postpaid plan and it is going for RM70/month. With its new “Double Data” promotion, you’ll get a total of 24GB of internet that’s split between 16GB for 4G LTE and 8GB for 4G Broadband that runs on WiMAX. On top of that, it also comes with unlimited calls and SMS but it is only for usage within the Yes network. For comparison, U Mobile’s HERO P70 postpaid offers 15GB of data and unlimited calls for RM70/month but they have a newer plan with double the quota on the way.


Yes also has three other postpaid plans but for now they’re just focusing on the hero product. These three plans are the Postpaid 48, which gives you 10GB of data (6GB 4G LTE+4GB broadband); the Postpaid 128, which gives you 38GB of data (24GB 4G LTE+14GB broadband); and the Postpaid 158, which has a whopping 48GB of data (32GB 4G LTE+14GB broadband).


In addition, Yes also revealed seven prepaid data packs which includes one daily pack (1GB of data for RM5/day), two weekly packs (1GB of data for RM10/week and 2GB of data for RM15/week), and three monthly packs where customers can choose between 4G LTE or 4G Broadband internet. The monthly packs are from RM30/month for 4GB of data, RM48/month for 6GB of data, RM68/month for 10GB of data and RM88/month for 14GB of data.

If you’re interested in prepaid, the starter pack can be yours for RM10 and you get 500MB of 4G LTE data and 8GB of broadband internet bundled with it. Calls are 9 sen/min while SMSes are priced at 9 sen/SMS.


Also unveiled is their new Yes Altitude Android smartphone which is bundled for free with every Yes LTE Postpaid plan. The device gets a 5″ HD IPS display, a Snapdragon 400 processor mated to 1GB of RAM and 8GB of storage (expandable via microSD), a 2,300 mAh battery, an 8MP/2MP camera combo and support for dual SIM 4G LTE with VoLTE.


Priced at RM399, this is the most affordable VoLTE smartphone in Malaysia and it comes in 3 colours — gold, white and silver. You can learn more over at their Yes Altitude page.

Yes Altitude Contract Plan

To recap, Yes runs purely on a 4G network with a claimed 85% population coverage consisting of LTE and WiMAX base stations. There’s no legacy 2G/3G technology so everything, including data and voice, is delivered via 4G. For voice, Yes is also Malaysia’s first telco to roll out VoLTE (Voice over LTE). This allows for better call quality and faster call setup times, a fact which we’ve already tested earlier.


In terms of coverage, the network is quite extensive throughout Peninsular Malaysia and Sabah with almost all major towns covered. At the moment, Sarawak isn’t covered yet but Yes are aiming to cover the largest state in Malaysia by end of this year. You can check if your town is covered over here.

For the past year, Yes has been working closely with their partners namely Samsung, Qualcomm, China Mobile, Google and Elitecore Technologies to deliver a full all-IP and high capacity 4G network running on TD-LTE (Band 38 and 40). Yes is said to have invested RM4 billion in the development of both their WiMAX and LTE networks.


As Malaysia’s 5th LTE network, the roll out is rather impressive considering Yes already has a wide footprint with over 4,300 LTE sites. From our experience in the past few weeks, there’s still room to improve particularly in terms of indoor coverage which Yes will eventually address over time. For now, this looks like a compelling 2nd SIM for today’s smartphones as it offers more data at a competitive price. Once they have enough coverage, Yes could be a formidable competitor for the top 3 telcos.

For more information, head on over to the Yes website.

UPDATE 2: Here’s a list of compatible devices on display.

Huawei P9
Huawei P9 Plus
Lenovo Vibe X3
Lenovo Vibe C
Lenovo A6010
Lenovo Vibe P1
Alcatel Shine Lite
Alcatel Pixi4 5-inch
Alcatel Pixi4 5.5-inch
Xiaomi Mi5
Xiaomi Redmi Note 3
Xiaomi Redmi 3S
Xiaomi Mi Max
Samsung Galaxy S7 edge
Samsung Galaxy J1
Samsung Galaxy J5
Samsung Galaxy J7
Samsung Galaxy Note5
Yes Altitude

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64 Comments for Yes 4G reveals its LTE Postpaid Plan


HERO is Umobile’s product, not YES’ product

Seng Ben Lin

is mate 8 compatible?


Look at the fine print.

What does this mean? "Postpaid 48 and 88 are for LTE only. "


What the different between 4g lte and 4g broadband? Still confusing…


    My understanding….4G LTE (phone), 4G Broadband (YES Mifi, Dongle). But note the fine print here… .

    Btw, I just saw this….RM 30 monthly prepaid. Same package details as RM 48. What's the difference ?


    u signup LTE postpaid and get free broadband plan


    4G LTE uses a SIM and it runs on LTE. 4G Broadband is using WiMAX and it requires their USB Dongle or MiFi device.

Mobile User

For postpaid, voice call or sms to other networks??


    cannot bro, just YES network. chicken shit


      Other network can bro. But will be charge


    free on-net.
    9sen offnet

      Mobile User

      Then, it is worse than UMobile ( U28 is 3G + 3G for youtube + 50mins call to all networks +100sms to all networks)


YES is still like Celcom who's a chicken shit telco.
splitting LTE and 4G
why can't these people give like UMobile?
just plain data. no splitting


so luar 4g lte coverage tu, takde signal la kan ?


    It is either 4G or no signal since Yes has no domestic roaming agreements.


ZTE Blade V7 Lite ?
499 jer


no doubt big on data offering but voice call to other telco still chargeable. i don’t see people will use it for main line, probably just for secondary data line. what a pathetic offer when all telco already switch to ‘unlimited voice call offering’.


    hard lor to gip all like that..better ask them gip free postapaid plan


So hate Quota Splitting.. Nowadays telco always like to split split split… Split your GF/Wife and share with your friend see..

    orang biasa

    i can feel your pain.
    I don’t like split here and there. Macam terpaksa kasi extra Data.
    All telco like to split… for what point? Give is give lah… lagi mau split. Susah hati ya…


    ya bro. so screwed up and chicken shit!

Danny Chen

iPhone 6 support Band 38 and 40 but it is not in the list.


    Yes needs to sort out some agreements with Apple in order for the iPhone to work. Although the band supports, it needs a software update before the SIM card is recognised.


      so they will eventually support iphone? just a matter of time


Only idiots will get scammed with this type of RM70/month stuff, in fact it is still RM88/month since you need to pay RM198 upfront to get rebate for the next 11 months… Really not worth since i can use over 30GB included Youtube and Astro On The Go with U Mobile P70. Unless they come out with something similar without consuming any data quota on Youtube, Astro OTG etc~


    u got it right.
    YES is throwing in a lot of info to confuse consumers.
    only Umobile is decent enough to get straight to the point


need to sign up 12 month contract on an untested new telco??
No thanks.


guys, you missed a few more spots for adverts on your main page…fill up the gaps, and add a few more


i reckon that as long as your phone support TDD-LTE Band 38 & Band 40 then you can use the Yes 4G LTE service… but it seems they have their own list not all devices can be used. What the???


    It is not just TD-LTE. The device must also support VoLTE for voice calls since they don’t use 2G/3G.


      what if i want to use Data Only? Any MIFI Device with TD LTE support is ok to use?


So many Umobile salesman here

    Mobile User

    Come on…you want to compare YES with Maxis/Celcom/Digi?
    Of course YES need to compare with Telco #4 first and also generous data offered by UMobile which claimed by YES too.


too complicated…split this and that..somemore need phone that can support whatever thing it is…why cant they offer something simple and worthwhile for your average consumers?

    Ahmad Ghazi

    Typical Malaysian service provider – confuse customers and deliver poor customer service!


      I feel ashamed as Malaysia for all these, How? what is wawasan 2020? So this is how Malaysia ISP wahai my friends see for yourself.
      1. Lousy Customer Service and Technicians
      2. Lazy hotline(no time to talk)
      3. Robot answer your phone not human
      4. Expensive
      5. Political revenge on certain states and area and cause no coverage(purposely ignore)
      6. Monopoly by TradeMARKed company.
      7. Chicken out on Bigger and Political Protected company. (30Mbps for RM3XX)(unbeatable price)!
      8. Quota, 64kbps speed, 128kbps, Splits, No GST, with GST, hidden charge.
      9. Consipire to shut people mouth(you know what i mean).
      10. Money greedy and cowards(1Mbps is like nasi lemak, Unlimited =5 star hotel restaurant price)
      11. Internet Quota is the most sensitive words to our ears
      Ok, what are wait you all waiting for? lets move, Make change on PRU-14! Trust me, this is the better choice!


My phone (Honor 5x) only supports B40 (2300 mhz), I wonder Yes 4G LTE coverage map still applies. Soyacincau, any idea? Thanks


    Theoretically, Band 40 had better coverage than Band 38. Assuming Yes is still starting to build up coverage, they would focus building band 40 coverage than band 38. So that coverage map still applies. All of the area highlighted had band 40 coverage but only some of it had band 38 coverage.


    Just for your reference, I don't have Honor 5X but already tried Yes 4G sim card in Honor 5C… too bad it only support data only and no VoLTE support.. maybe it need software update for VoLTE support


20MHz of TDD LTE would only produce around speeds of lower than 150Mbps probably worse if upload traffic is congested.

On the other hand FDD LTE which the major operators are using, their Cat-4 LTE-A has dedicated 10MHz channels for download/upload so you get something closer to advertised speeds.

From the screenshots posted earlier Band 38 only gets 10MHz which is even worse. If your device only logs on to that band, your speeds might even be worse than Cat-3 FDD LTE used by Celcom which yields around 20Mbps on average. Thus we're seeing users only getting around 15Mbps which is at early stage when subscriber numbers have not increased yet.


    Yes should really consider to fully utilize 20MHz spectrum awarded after subscriber number increases or else their network will be fucked.


    That's not how it works.

    FDD and TDD is not a standard to measure your speed on your phone. It's a technology which helps telecommunications devices separate their allocated bandwidth to enable them to connect to many devices at the same time.

    FDD and TDD as the name suggest uses Frequency Domain while another uses Time domain.

    So if you're connected to a FDD network, your phone will be allocated a very very narrow small portion (usually a few KHz) of the bandwidth and share with many other users around your area.

    If you're connected to a TDD network, your phone will be allocated a very small narrow time slot (usually a few nanosecond) slot but with probably higher bandwidth and shared with many people with your area.

    Both technology also needs to incorporate error correction technology in order to work properly so you won't get garbage data or dropped packets.

    So you can't judge a company's bandwidth speed by the network they are using.


I personally think is just too many jargon to understand before you choose to signup YES.
Band 38 lah, FDD LTE lah VOLTE lah , special kind of phone lah…
How many consumer bother to work out all the details ? Most just want to get a reliable line with good coverage and sufficient data. They don't want to know all the technicalities. Just look at all the questions in this page alone.
Simply put, if communication is important to you, would you choose YES? is more like a NO.


    You should never buy a 4G LTE phone today if it doesn't support:

    1) VoLTE or VoWiFi

    2) FD-LTE Band 5 and TD-LTE Band 38/40 besides the major Band 1,3,7 used by the main players.

Andrew C

Can the YES Altitude phone be used as a hotspot?


    YES is not webe, and it is android, I don't see why NOT…


You clearly dont understand the difference between td and fd lte. It is nothing about speed. Whichever standard telcos will need to combine different streams to achieve faster than 100mbps. Maxis and digi has 1800mhz and 2600mhz. Yes has 2300mhz and 2600mhz.

Td is better for capacity. It that is why india and china are using TD standard. If you have 20mhz for fd, you are using 10mhz for download and 10mhz for upload. Since many are download that 10mhz for upload is not used as often. TD just need one 10Mhz for download and upload. Google it.


    I don't think you get it do you?

    The wider the bandwidth and the higher the compression, the faster speeds can be materialized.

    Why TD-LTE is inferior? You only have a single 10MHz channels to deal with both way traffic. Layman terms, you have a single road for 2-way traffic, so timing(slot queuing) is very important to ensure both sides can get from point A-B or B-A vice versa. FDD has dedicated lanes of 10MHz each for both ways.

    Which would be more efficient? Would cars(packets) travel faster on their dedicated lanes?
    Of course if you improve the frequency of slot queuing you can make up with the difference but that requires more CPU resources and they really haven't solved that yet at least with 4G designs.


They use 10MHz at any given time on tdlte but they have more than 10MHz. Correct me if im wrong but they have a total of 50MHz including wimax to use. On argument of sharing upload and download, how many % of your smartphone traffic is upload anyway?

Your argument is TD is slower than FD and that is not true. Speed can be faster with CA and there are so many slow networks on FD in the world. Very wrong to generalise speed based on FD/TD.


If you want more proof. Look at average speed of China and India using TD LTE versus Malaysia that mostly using FD in 2015.…

India and China population is 30X bigger than Malaysia.

Cw Tan

A lot of customer purchase the $10 prepaid sim card in penang on sunday 3 july 2016 , but everyone is facing problem using it on their 4g LTE phone and table including my own Samsung A8, Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 and Ding Ding heat 8. Does this happen in other state?


    You will need a supported device as listed above.

      Ahmad Ghazi

      iPhone not supported???


Stupid Telco.


I can't find the VoLTE setting of the S7 Edge. Phone>Keypad>More>Setting after this I can't find the VoLTE setting.


Tried their 4g LTE and it’s quite fast. All existing yes user will get this 4g LTE sim card for free. So I’ve tried it on my note 5, worth it as secondary sim card.


Anyone try yes sim with any TD-LTE MiFi device ?

mr kam

Asus phone not supported?


is oppo f1s able to support the VoLTE?


Lenovo S850 can use or not?


How to use data 4g broadband at altitude phone ( school package)


One Plus 3T pun support