Sony Xperia XA review: Definitely not worth your money

Posted:  June 24, 2016   By:    15 comments   



The Xperia Z series is dead and from its ashes comes the brand new Xperia X lineup. The new devices have a new name, new look (relatively), new specs and a new direction. But are they any good?

Well, not really. Not if we’re going off this Xperia XA smartphone I have on review. A quick look at the internals will reveal that it’s a pretty basic device. An average processor with the bare minimum of RAM and internal storage really tells you where this smartphone belongs in the X’s hierarchy.

I want to like this device, I really do. But I simply can’t and it isn’t because the Sony Xperia XA gets one or two things wrong.

It’s because the Sony Xperia XA gets almost everything wrong.

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15 Comments for Sony Xperia XA review: Definitely not worth your money


Dear Rory … Can u review the recently launched Galaxy J7 and J5 especially in terms of camera and performance aspects … I'm a tech freak and I know there are many alternatives that hav more value than both Sammy's duo (I'm looking at u Redmi Note 3) … The reason is that I want to recommend these phones to my sister and my friends which know nothing bout tech but being PHOTOGENIC … Sammy has (dare I say) always consistently performed better than competition in terms of imaging especially in super crowded midrange market which is mostly sea of Chinese … I hope u can make it in near future … Thanks 😉


    If wanna in depth review thn go to GSMarena, u will find in depth review of every ph. Chk the site


Hey author just read review of GSMarena, what they tell about this device.


At this pricepoint get a price dropped z3 instead if u want an Xperia.


It’s too bad

kenny tan

I go for Honor 5c, 5x which is way better to X series.

orang biasa

Better get xperia z3 or z5c. That X too expensive device.


the problem with Sony is the price ..they are greedy and they product are mostly overprice

Anna Tam

Wait til you check out Xperia X, same pricing issue attacks again with spec of RM1.5I phone.


Wait a min, RM1199 considered overpriced for tis beautiful little monster? Sometimes overwhelming hardware doesn’t really someone looking for, i can only say everyone have their ideal models. One more thing, don’t simply called something ‘rubbish’, that’s not the right way to comment. TQ.

Joe Labu

RM1199 for the Sony XA and compare it to the "better late than never" 32GB Nexus 5X?

Come ON~~~

Sony XZ is coming soon, do you have the review?


A happy XA user here, this device is indeed very beautiful and nice to hold.
I knew it was overpriced but still can't resist to own it though, bought it for how it look.
The only issue I have is its 16GB storage, very painful to use as I am a heavy mobile game user. Can only keep very few apps. Other than that, all good.