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U Mobile to offer 30GB of data and unlimited calls for RM98?


Looks like the postpaid war is far from over. Ahead of Yes 4G‘s official roll out on 30 June, U Mobile appears to be upping the ante with an even more generous postpaid data offering.

The folks from had received a tip on U Mobile’s coming plan that’s called Hero P98 Postpaid. From its leaked brochure, U Mobile will be offering a massive 30GB of data and unlimited calls for only RM98/month. That’s double the internet of P70 postpaid for a mere RM28/month extra.

If that’s not enough, U Mobile’s Video-Onz is also applicable and you can enjoy unlimited video streaming from popular platforms without eating into your data quota. It is worth pointing out that P70 postpaid plan originally comes with just 7GB of data and the extra 8GB quota was added as a limited time promo until the end of 2016. Looking at the table above, the 30GB quota for P98 appears to be a permanent allocation.

The new plan is not announced yet but from the looks of it, it should be happening pretty soon. Do you really need 30GB of data? Plus with unlimited video-onz, what more do you want? Of course, when it comes to coverage, U Mobile’s 4G LTE network isn’t as extensive as the rest. If U Mobile works fine for you, this could be your next postpaid upgrade.


Alexander Wong