Neffos C5 review: It’s a good first try, TP-Link

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TP-Link isn’t known for their smartphones. They make routers and other networking solutions and they make them very well. But, with how much the smartphone has taken over our lives, it seems a slice of this market was too tempting to pass up.

So they took a stab at making some smartphones. The result is the Neffos C5 line.

Yes, they made an entire lineup of smartphones. All of which seemed designed to tackle the low-to-mid end of the smartphone market. While two of their smartphones have been launched in Malaysia, the low-end C5L really is just there for show.


The more expensive C5 should be where the money’s at. As a smartphone, the Neffos C5 isn’t all bad. It’s put together reasonably well and has one or two good design elements. Its hardware isn’t all that, but for a budget device, it’s acceptable.

One thing they really skimped on was the camera, but then again, many budget smartphones do this to save cost. The question then is: Is this the budget smartphone for you?

I’m not so sure about that and it isn’t because of something the C5 did particularly wrong.

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3 Comments for Neffos C5 review: It’s a good first try, TP-Link


overpriced man!

kenny tan

yes overpriced for an unknown phone, i prefer going for Zenfone or Huawei brand.


Should be below RM500 IMHO.