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iOS 10: Here’s what’s new for iPhone users



Before Apple reveals the next iPhone, the Cupertino giant has announced its latest software update with iOS 10. According to Apple, this is the biggest update yet and we are running down the top 10 new changes that are coming to your iPhone.

New lock screen and notifications


If you’re using the latest iPhone 6s/6s Plus, you probably can’t catch your notifications as TouchID is just too quick for the job. To solve that problem, iOS 10 has a “Raise to wake” function where it will show your current notifications on the lock screen by lifting your iPhone. The new lock screen gets a redesigned interface for notifications and it can do more with 3D Touch.


This allows you to respond to messages or calendar invites from the home screen or even view your current Uber ride status without unlocking your iPhone. The same feature is also extended to the notifications panel when you swipe from the top.

Taking photos is even faster with its revamped interface. Now you can swipe from the right on the lock screen to bring up the camera app. This is much easier than swiping the camera icon upwards. Swiping from the left, on the other hand, brings up your current widgets.

Do more with Siri


Apple is opening up Siri to developers and with that, it can do more than just the usual Q&A. With app integration, you can send a full message on WeChat or even order an Uber car via Siri. The same goes for Photos, payments and this also extends to CarPlay for a better hands-free experience.

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Smarter Keyboard Suggestions

The keyboard now gets intelligent text suggestions based on the context of your conversation. For example, if your friend asks “where are you”, it will suggest sending your current location if permitted. Another neat example is if someone is asking for a person’s contact, it is smart enough to find the details and you can send that across with a single tap.

A rather intelligent (or creepy) feature is that it is able to detect a potential event from your text conversation. With machine learning, it knows how to pick up details including venue, time and purpose. So when you’re creating a calendar appointment, it will predict your schedule input based on details from your conversation.

Better Photos


We all take tons of pictures and the new iOS 10 has revamped photos for better organisation. With built-in Face recognition, it is easier to find pictures of friends and family that matters to you. This is pretty much what Google had offered with Photos.


After capturing moments from a trip, you can create short highlight videos instantly. iOS 10 lets you create a short video based on an event and you can customise this further with a little editing.


Alexander Wong