Honor 5C review: It’s impressively good for its price

Posted:  June 14, 2016   By:    25 comments   



You can really get good phones for less money these days. Just two years ago, Huawei’s honor sub-brand had disrupted the market with its honor 3C. It blew everyone away, offering a decent 5” HD 720p display and 2GB of RAM for less than RM500. Never mind the glossy plastic body as you were getting a lot of phone for your money.

Fast forward to the present day, you get a barrage of smartphones that are pretty darn good for less than RM1,000. The honor 5X is one of such fine examples and now here comes a new one with the honor 5C.

Should you bother with this little brother? We had a go with it and we are quite impressed with what it has to offer.

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25 Comments for Honor 5C review: It’s impressively good for its price


Little guy want it slimmer, same as the very expensive ifool 6s. Anything over 67mm width is hard to handle with single hand.


otg enable ??


    We tried and USB OTG doesn't seem to work.


P9 lite lagi lite version. Best affortable phone to buy unless the redmi 3 goes official.


Make a comparison reviews between Huawei Honor 5c and Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 !


value for money

David Foong

14nm processors! Its value for money~

Chiahoe tham

Value for money. But why don’t have Gyroscope and no support OTG?


Nice outlook compare to other. Cheap price with high spec and quality

Eric Tan

Would like to review this phone myself =p before jumping into conclusion, based on the photo, it surely is an eye candy for me, hehe


I'm really considering buying a phone which cost less than RM1000. Not sure whether to buy xiaomi note 3 or this.

i've been a mi3 user for 2 years, very satisfied with their product quality and pricing. Which should i choose? Since both the phones cost roughly the same. 🙂


Does this come with NFC? Some websites stated it does but NFC was missing from GSMArena specs.


    Nope, it doesn't come with NFC.

Horng woei

Initial stateless than rm500, the back stated 799 and 849 is rather confusing.


    “Just two years ago, Huawei’s honor sub-brand had disrupted the market with its honor 3C. It blew everyone away, offering a decent 5” HD 720p display and 2GB of RAM for less than RM500.”

    That’s the honor 3C, it is 2 generations before the honor 5C.


I have long been interested to buy phone from huawei/honor since honor3c appear in the market. But, I dont the chance yet to buy it. And this honor5c really attractive because it have high spec but the price are lower

Hope to get one for myself


too bad it's not support OTG


You forgot to note that Redmi note 3 doesn’t come with expandable memory. A important deciding factor for most people


The screen to body ratio is no good for this phone, it is just a little smaller to the 5.5inch redmi note 3 which almost the same price with 3gb ram and 32gb rom. So initially yet another loser to the redmi note 3 snapdragon. Xiaomi kill to 2 birds with one stones. The redmi note 3 snapdragon enough to knock off the huawei 5x and 5c or even the honor 7.

Dean 17

No winner for the lucky draw?


Bought 5C 2 days ago..i would just skip waiting for Xiaomi Redmi Note 3. And probably will skip buying Xiaomi altogether.. poor supply in Malaysia (unless it is their Premium model)… grrrr.
Anyhow.. no complain with 5C. Android 6.0 Marshmallow and quality build still.. discern camera results.. HD screen and metal body.. will reserve opinion on the 2G RAM, but not using phone for fast games. Great mid range phone (no ear phone though hmm).. love the GOLD color finish.


    Have u tried to play pokemon go(pirate version)? I would like to buy this phone for my little brother bcos he keep begging me to buy new phone for him just to play pokemon go. lol


      you may want to wait for the new Zenfone release..(lets forget Xiaomi. can't find one unless you go on Lazada or something) or can consider the new Honor 5X, about RM100+ more. Bigger screen too. I had a limited budget otherwise would hv gone for this model. Soya Cincau made good article comparing the various models <RM1000. Go check out the article. My final decision to go for Honor line.. discern spec and they look pretty 🙂


What is the price right now?
Does the price remains unchanged?