Huawei P9 review: Colour is overrated

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Leica. Leica, Leica, Leica.

That’s all anyone ever sees when they look at Huawei’s new P9 smartphone. It’s the first smartphone born from the German camera maker’s collaboration with the Chinese smartphone behemoth and it’s one of the most hyped flagships yet.

But y’know what, after one week with this smartphone, I’ve come to realise that there is so much more to it than the label tacked to its back.

What makes a smartphone great? I feel like I’m always asking myself this question but each time, I’m unable to come up with a single answer.

Is it what the device can print out on a piece of paper? Is it the brand behind the smartphone? Is it a single mind-blowing feature? No, I don’t think so. I think it’s all about the combination — the whole that is greater than the sum of its parts if you will.


You don’t need to mesh the best processor with the most amount of RAM and the highest megapixel count ever. For a smartphone to truly be brilliant, the parts just need to come together well enough, to have enough chemistry, to show the user how much thought you actually put into the handset.

This isn’t something that’s easy to do, obviously, but every once in awhile a smartphone comes along that just hits all the right notes. This time, it’s the Huawei P9 and my goodness is it magnificent.

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15 Comments for Huawei P9 review: Colour is overrated


Great review and conclusion.


How do you add the leica watermark? I could find it on my p9.


    Hi. In the camera app, swipe left to access Camera Settings, then just turn on the "Automatically add watermarks" option. Hope this helps!

      Fatty Devil

      i dun have this option at all


        You have to update to the latest emui. It just released weeks ago. Check it in your phone setting->update.


One of the best review i have seen. Bravo. On spot.


2 thumbs up! Great review! Can't wait to upgrade to this phone from Honor 6 Plus.

Andy Goh

I think that the portrait photo with the full bokeh is not actual bokeh of the lens as the edge of the subject is soft. It looks more like a photo with digitally processed bokeh. Was a little disappointed when I tried out the camera.


    well,if it's able to achieve full bokeh,then i dont think DSLR/Mirrorless cam serves their purpose anymore?


      Try using Samsung S7 or vivo xshot and you'll see optical bokeh


Leica is a big brand. there is nothing wrong buying the phone from the sake of leica. try you go get a cheapest leica lens you can find… and you will know this phone is good value.
a good photography is more than just high resolution and dynamic range and how fast the thing focus. it is also about character and how the world look like through this lens.
to just over generalise that the s7 is better than p9 in the camera department may be unjust


    "try you go get a cheapest leica lens you can find… and you will know this phone is good value."

    Sorry, i don't get your logic of comparing lens price with this phone. This is not a Leica made phone and as rory written even the lens are certified ( Leica certified Summarit H 1:2.2/27 ASPH lenses ) not made by Leica.

    This is like saying if you know how much a porsche car cost, you will know Blackberry porsche phones are good value.


      thanks for agreeing with my other sentences.


If I can buy iPhone 6s 64gb for Rm 2399 from Lazada (LC wholesale & retail) and RM 2 279 from, will it be original like the ones in Mac studio?…pls advise