Subscribe to a new MaxisONE plan and get a free smartphone


The festive season is upon us and as a result, companies, brands and even telcos will begin to offer great Hari Raya promotions which we’re sure many are ready to capitalise on. This Raya, Maxis is offering free smartphones for anyone who picks up a new MaxisONE Plan this month.

And it’s not just any old phone, they’re even putting the brand new Huawei P9 up for grabs!

To be eligible for a free smartphone under Maxis’ Raya FREE phone program, you will need to either subscribe to a new MaxisONE Plan or port in from another telco. For new subscribers, you can even choose “VIP number” for free. Then, depending on your choice of MaxisONE Plan, you will then be able to pick up one of 10 brand new smartphones that range from something like a Samsung Galaxy J1 all the way up to a Huawei P9. The full list is as follows:


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That means, if you want to pick up the new P9 you will need to subscribe to a MaxisONE Plan 188, but if you’re on a budget and can only afford the MaxisONE Plan 98, the Acer Liquid Z630 isn’t too bad of a choice either. Alternatively, if you go for a MaxisONE Plan 128, you can get a pretty decent device in the Lenovo A7000+, though it’s peculiar that Maxis lists the display resolution at HD when the A7000+ has a Full HD panel. It’s the A7000 that has a HD display resolution.

Of course, by picking up a MaxisONE Plan, you can also enjoy the goodies that come with it such as free calls, SMS, free video streaming and even a free Spotify Premium subscription.

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That’s not all, the green telco is also offering Share Line rebates for three months when you sign up with either a Huawei Mate 8, Huawei P9, Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 edge, or OPPO F1. The promotion is valid for one new or port-in Share Line only. According to Maxis, if you wish to continue the Share Line after the three months are up, you can do so at RM48/month.

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Do keep in mind that the Raya FREE phone program will be available from the 3rd to 31st of June 3rd of June to 31st of July and is for new and port-in MaxisONE Plan subscribers only. That means, existing MaxisONE Plan subscribers are not eligible. What’s more, under this program, you will also be subjected to a 24-month contract.

For more information, head on over to Maxis’ website. Be sure to check out the FAQ too.