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Lenovo Vibe X3 review: A one trick pony?



Gimmicky features on smartphones are difficult to put your finger on. Often times when it comes to your smartphone experience, they can do more harm than good.

But there are those rare few features that simply complete a smartphone. Lenovo’s new smartphones have exactly that and it’s called TheaterMax.

TheaterMax is a feature Lenovo built into two smartphones that have hit Malaysian shores — the Vibe X3 and the K4 Note. In a nutshell, this is an application that converts everything you do on-screen into a split-screen VR Mode that is compatible with most VR headsets.

There is no sophisticated head tracking or 360-degree browsing, but the resulting image that TheaterMax can conjure up is rather immersive. Think of a 60-inch TV mounted inches from your face and you will get a general idea.

We’ve covered the TheaterMax technology pretty extensively in the past. So today, we’re here to find out if the smartphones themselves are any good and we’re going to do that by taking a look at the more expensive, flagship-level Vibe X3.