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Google drops more details on Android N at Google I/O

Android N

With Google I/O in full swing, Google has more to show off about their upcoming mobile OS, Android N.

So far, Google has already dropped two developer previews for the next iteration of Android and Google I/O brings more features about the anticipated OS.

What we already know about Android N is that it will have 3D rendering API called Vulkan that will help 3D games run faster and much prettier. The OS will also be home to  native split-screen capabilities that will allow you to run two apps side by side, as well as picture-in-picture modes so you can watch videos without having to jump between apps. We can’t wait to try this out on a tablet.

The updates also include more human looking Emoji Unicode 9 support.


Of course, there’s also performance updates so your device will run better, but it won’t be visible on the surface level as Google’s focus for Android N is towards seamlessness as opposed to raw power.

Last but not least, you will also be able to reply messages directly from notifications and Google has finally made a “Clear All” button available to clear everything at a go, to further streamline the process.


In an unexpected move, Google is leaving the name for Android N in the hands of the internet, letting netizens suggest names for the upcoming OS. Google will still have the final say in what it will be naming Android N, but feel free to fire away at the link.

Android N is expected to be rolled out sometime later this Summer, and a public beta will be available shortly.

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