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Sony to nix other Xperia series, focuses on the X instead


Looks like Sony is gearing up for some mighty changes in its mobile portfolio, with plans to focus more on the Xperia X series as it cuts others.

As such, Sony is cancelling the Xperia C and Xperia M series (the same fate that befell the Xperia Z series) in favour of exclusively focusing on the Xperia X as a single brand. This might also mean that the Xperia C6 Ultra we’ve been seeing might instead be the Xperia X Ultra at launch.


Sony Mobile presentations show that the Xperia X series is just the start of Sony’s “Chapter 3”, with the theme of “Xperia for new communication” which will run till 2018; marking the beginning of the Xperia X as a new visual identity for the brand. The new X logo branding will also be used on promotional material, as well as merchandise.


Chapter 1 happened between 2010-2012 which was about “Open OS for web communication” with the Xperia X10 as its highlight, and Chapter 2 ran over 2013-2015 and focused on the “best of Sony” highlighting the Xperia Z series.

Sony is still committed to producing a flagship device, just that future phones will be under the Xperia X range irrespective of the specs. It will be interesting to see what naming convention Sony will now have now that their new devices are under one umbrella.