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The Apple iPhone 7 rumoured to have the same dimensions as the iPhone 6s


There is much about the Apple iPhone 7 that is still up in the air, but these leaked schematics reveals that the upcoming iPhone 7 will be the same size as the iPhone 6s.

The schematic, courtesy of @Onleaks reveals that the phone will match the iPhone 6s’ dimensions down to the tenth of a milimeter, meaning that the phone will be 4.7″ (or 138.30 x 67.12mm in diameter). The thickness hasn’t been revealed yet but the iPhone 6s is 7.1mm thin, the very thinnest phone Apple has under their banner. However there was an earlier rumour that the phone will in fact be 6.1mm thin but there hasn’t been any confirmation just yet.

Though for the sake of having a bigger battery we think most people would be alright with Apple making the next iPhone a wee bit thicker than its predecessor.

iphone 7 dimensions onleaks

Do you think the iPhone 7 will match the iPhone 6s in terms of thickness? or do you think it will be even thinner? let us know in the comments.