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Maxis offers the iPhone SE from RM45/month on Zerolution


Want to own the iPhone SE with zero cost up front and the option to swap to a new iPhone every year? Maxis is offering the latest 4″ smartphone on Zerolution from as low as RM45/month with a 24-months installment.

The iPhone SE is priced outright at RM1,949 for 16GB and RM2,449 for the larger 64GB option. To be entitled to sign up with Zerolution, you would need to sign up with MaxisONE Plan 128 and above. On Zerolution, the iPhone SE 16GB can be yours at RM45/month (24 months: RM1,080 before GST) while the 64GB model is going for RM66/month (24 months: RM1,584 before GST).

The optional zerolution upgrade fee will cost you RM20/month. In order to upgrade to a new phone every year without penalties, you are required to return your current device in good condition. For greater peace of mind, you can protect your device against damage or theft for RM23/month extra. Below is the breakdown of its monthly repayment which excludes the postpaid subscription.

iPhone SE 16GB

iPhone SE 64GB

In terms of postpaid plans, the MaxisONE Plan 128 (RM128/month) offers unlimited calls and SMS, plus an upgraded quota of 10GB. The higher MaxisONE Plan 158 and 188 comes with 15GB and 20GB respectively.

Alternatively you can pick up the iPhone SE on a standard contract with iValue and MaxisONE plans. The bundled pricing as follows:

iPhone SE 16GB – 12 month contract
iValue Simple – RM1,749
iValue 1 – RM1,365
iValue 2 – RM1,200
iValue 3 – RM915

iPhone SE 64GB – 12 month contract
iValue Simple – RM2,174
iValue 1 – RM1,790
iValue 2 – RM1,625
iValue 3 – RM1,340

iPhone SE 16GB – 24 month contract
MaxisONE 128 – RM895
MaxisONE 158 – RM895
MaxisONE 188 – RM895
iValue 1 – RM1,065
iValue 2 – RM735
iValue 3 – RM165

iPhone SE 64GB – 24 month contract
MaxisONE 128 – RM1,320
MaxisONE 158 – RM1,320
MaxisONE 188 – RM1,320
iValue 1 – RM1,490
iValue 2 – RM1,160
iValue 3 – RM590

You may place your orders online starting today and it will be available next week, 13 May 2016. For more info, head over to the Maxis iPhone SE page.

Alexander Wong