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Digi introduces Internet Sharing service for existing Digi Postpaid Plans


Digi today announced their brand new Internet Sharing feature for all existing postpaid plans as well as a new supplementary plan that take advantage of this new feature.

Internet Sharing with Digi Postpaid is a nifty new service for Digi postpaid plans that allow users to share their quota with up to six supplementary lines by simply adding RM10 to their existing bill. This service is available for all existing Digi Postpaid plans with the only requirement being that the plan must have unlimited voice calls to all networks.


That means, if you, for example, wanted to commit the bare minimum for an Internet Sharing activated plan, you can go for Digi’s lowest Postpaid 28 plan. With this, simply add RM10 for unlimited voice calls and an additional RM10 to activate the sharing feature within the plan which brings the total up to RM48/month excluding the cost of your supplementary lines.


From there, you can choose (if you want) to purchase any of the three new internet top up booster packs that can be purchased with an Internet Sharing activated plan. These internet top up boosters offer a choice of either an additional 0.5GB of quota for RM5, 7GB of quota for RM35 or 12GB for RM50. This additional data is valid for 30 days from the date of purchase.


In addition to this new service, Digi also introduced two new ways you can share your internet quota. The first is via an RM10/month “gadget SIM” which you can use to share your Digi Postpaid internet quota with your other devices like your tablet. This SIM is not capable of making calls, however.

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If you want to share between family members, Digi’s new Share with Family supplementary line gives you unlimited calls to all networks for RM38/month. This line does not have data, however, as its data quota comes from the shared quota of the principal line.


To avoid unnecessary confusion, all the controls — including data allocation between supplementary lines — have been baked into the MyDigi app. This lets you easily manage the amount of data each supplementary line gets on the fly.

The only caveat is that when you activate Internet Sharing on your principal line, you lose the ability to rollover your Internet data to the next month. But, all supplementary lines (should they come with their own data quota) will be able to roll over their own internet quota to the next month.

For more information, you can head on over to their website.