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The MediaTek Helio X30 scores fantastically on Antutu, will sport 10 CPU cores

mediatek Helio

MediaTek‘s Helio X30 chipset is looking pretty powerful, what with it sweeping away the competition on Antutu. The brand has plans for this new chip of theirs to be the flagship CPU for 2017, and here is why.

A post by analyst Pan Jiutang on Weibo has revealed a bit more about the MediaTek Helio X30 chipset. For starters it will come with a total of 10 CPU cores, with Cortex-A35 handling less demanding processes while the bigger stuff will be handled by “Artemis”, which is stated to be between Cortex-A57 and Cortex-A17 in terms of performance. The X30 will also be able to support up to 8GB RAM, and will be produced with the 10nm process.

As for the Antutu scores (as shown below) the MediaTek X30 scores 160,000 on the benchmark, beating the Snapdragon 820, and well, everyone else in the test.

helio x30 vs Antutu

However, there’s no news on what upcoming devices might house the new chip, so it might be awhile till we see its performance on an actual device.