It looks like Windows 10 Mobile is here to stay


We’ve been fairly critical of the Windows 10 Mobile platform.  Partly because of how disappointing it has been but mostly because of how much potential we saw in it. After another disappointing performance by the Lumia 950 XL, we were all but certain Microsoft was going to axe it.

It turns out though that Microsoft has other ideas.

Thanks to an internal email obtained by Windows Central, it appears the software company isn’t ready to ditch its mobile efforts. Instead, Microsoft Windows and devices chief Terry Myerson has reaffirmed the company’s commitment to the underperforming platform.

I understand that you are hearing concerns from certain partners about Microsoft’s commitment to the mobile space.

Let me be very clear: We are committed to deliver Windows 10 on mobile devices with small screen running ARM processors.

We are currently in development of our next generation products and I wanted to reconfirm our commitment to Windows 10 Mobile. We believe in this product’s value to business customers and it is our intention to support the Windows 10 Mobile platform for many years. We have a device roadmap to support that from Microsoft as well as our OEM partners who will also be selling an expanded lineup of phone devices based on this platform.

One thing worth noting from that email besides the fact that Microsoft intends to continue support for Windows 10 Mobile is that they’re planning for a more business-centric approach to the platform. This probably hints at the rumoured Surface Phone that’s supposedly set to launch in April of 2017.

Windows Central also suggests that the upcoming Surface Phone is the “most secure phone in the world” and the “best for productivity” — perfect for business then. The hints towards productivity could likely be an improved Continuum platform, which in its current state, turns your smartphone into a mini desktop computer.

Either way, I look forward to Microsoft’s upcoming devices. Kudos to them for not abandoning existing Windows Phone users and promising to support the platform for “many years” to come. More choice is never a bad thing. Who knows, maybe the Surface Phone will be everything we ever wanted from a Windows 10 Mobile device.

What do you guys think?