Hotlink FAST prepaid now comes with 8GB free data for life

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Maxis is now turning its attention to prepaid with their most generous data offering yet. The Hotlink FAST prepaid is now upgraded with a whopping 8GB of free high-speed data each month. This is offered for life and it is more than any other prepaid in Malaysia.

But there’s a catch. The free data is applicable for weekends only and it is split for each weekend. That means you’ll get 1GB for Saturday and another 1GB for Sunday for every single weekend. Note that the free quota is only usable when connected to their 4G network and if your line is active.


If you need more data for your daily needs, you can subscribe to one of their mobile data plans that are available in daily, weekly and monthly options. You can get 1GB/day for only RM3, while heavy users can opt for their 5GB monthly plan for only RM48/month.


Need an additional boost to your weekly/monthly plan? You can top up 150MB at RM3 or 1GB at RM12. The new enhanced Hotlink FAST starter pack costs RM10 and it comes with RM5 preloaded credit with 5 days validity. Also included is 300MB of data that’s valid for 2 days. You can also get 1GB free extra data by downloading the Hotlink Red app that’s available on iOS and Android.

In terms of rates, call are charged at 6 sen/30 sec for Activ10 numbers and 12 sen/30 sec to other local networks. SMS is charged at 1 sen each for Activ10 and 12 sen to other numbers. In addition, Hotlink FAST also comes with free social chat that offers unlimited WhatsApp, LINE, WeChat and FB Messenger at 64kbps when you finished your data quota. Existing Hotlink customers can switch to FAST prepaid via the Hotlink Red App under My Account > Change > Rate Plan. An upgrade fee of RM1 will apply.

For more info, head over to Hotlink’s FAST prepaid page.

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81 Comments for Hotlink FAST prepaid now comes with 8GB free data for life


Only for weekend? Stupid decision ever! Oh waiittt… its Maxis.


    I think it's not bad for free data, it's look same to Xpax provided free data when 1 am – 7 am.
    I think this is useful for somebody like me who went out when weekend =)


    LOL. I guess can't run a business. Coz your stupidity will ruin the company to the ground.Of course it's only for the weekend. What do you expect? To give free data 24/7?!? Dumb ass.


    It is the smartest decision if Celcom does it, right? At least it is a weekend not some wee hours BS when everyone is sleeping.


To take advantage from this plan, subscriber must only use this sim for weekend data and pay RM30 monthly minimum for validity.
Monthly validity : RM30 (worth 125mins call)
2GB every weekn : Free

However, if subscriber makes the mistake of needing daily data from this plan, this is where Maxis makes their money
Maxis is targetting RM60 per subscriber per month. from this plan.
Monthly validity :RM30 (worth 125mins call)
2GB anytime data.: RM30
2GB every weekn : Free


    the page says no minimum topup. u want data on weekdays? just subscribe to their daily or weekly or monthly plan. the extra 8GB has no other requirements other than you have to be in 4G coverage area.


According to the Hotlink website, the Hotlink FAST doesn't has free social chat.


    sorry, got free social chat now.


Hotlink RM30 = Free weekend 8GB + 2GB at RM30.
U Mobile RM30 = Free 1GB and buy UMI 2.5GB at RM30
Xpax RM30 = 1.5GB
DiGi RM30 = 1.5GB + 1.5GB 1-7am


    Finally they get it.


    Xpax perks on Magic sim is unlimited data (burung hantu 1am-7am) in case you might miss this.


    i'm umobile user. totally moving to hotlink fast !


    Macam mana nak upgrade gi fast plan tu? Beli monthly pass automatically dah fast plan ye


That meant this plan with RM30 per month we get 2GB all day data + 8GB weekend data?
Does this plan allow buy 365 validity?


    already buy rm8 for 90 days validity. whether free weekend 2gb work on that without any topup for monthly?


      Don't think so… this plan ONLY for Hotlink FAST user, normal Hotlink user won't get the FREE data… "Existing Hotlink customers can switch to FAST prepaid via the Hotlink Red App" under Maxis T&C.


    I have subscribe to Hotlink 365days Validity and Hotlink Fast plan on few weeks ago, hopefully can enjoy this 2GB free weekend data until April 2016 without topup.

    Currently this free weekend data does appear in my Hotlink Red App, also mention will refresh on 2nd May.

    However, is it on 4G/LTE network only? Don't think Maxis/Hotlink can provide stable and uninterrupted 4G/LTE connections. Cause it is normal to see the signal fluctuated between 3G and 4G. = =''


      What if the line fluctuated to 3G ? Then the free quota cannot be used ?


Insincere plan with lot of condition. Just give us a 8GB prepaid plan through out the month … period…


    Celcom do the same wat?


    Even if it is insincere, it is the most "giving" plan in the market, combined with strong network. Sometime business decisions are not fully communicated to the public, but if we take interest, we can understand as to why decisions are made. Overall, I think it is a very strong prepaid plan from Maxis.

Past users

Let see, other telco will counter back soon, i think.. Esp u mobile


That 4G quota for weekend… is that something they are trying to con people now? Why can't they just let customer have the data quota for all network types. We are on the move obviously signal changes.
Other quota will be used if a user not in 4G areas or signal keeps changing to 3G or HSDPA or HSDPA+ right?
So be careful. It is nice to see the ads but the T&Cs sets the final decisions after all.


    Do take note that according to their T&C, the 2GB for RM30, for example, is actually 1GB(2/3/4G) + 1GB(4G), which 4G will be first utilize if both 2/3/4G network available. Meaning that if your device/coverage does not support 4G, what u get for RM30 is only 1GB.


      Where did you see this? According to the FAQ:
      Can I use the quota for all types of browsing?
      Yes. Add-on quota are applicable for all internet usages on all Maxis network (2G/3G/4G).

      Under the T&C, there's no mention of split of 4G quota for the add-on data plans:(f) Quota is applicable to all Maxis network including 2G/3G/4G/LTE.


        I'm sorry I'm talking about the free 1Gb 4G quotas in the article. Correct me if I'm wrong.
        The T&Cs for the weekend quota says that…
        The FREE 2GB weekend internet is valid for use when
        1. account is on ‘active’ status
        2. on Maxis 4G network only. TO THE 4G network. However, when it comes to 4G… the signal is merely good indoors and when you walk around signal keeps changing and… I am myself 4G covered on my areas and I do notice that sometimes phone changes signal indoors due to 4G not so good in penetration indoors.
        I wonder if let say a person thinks he can enjoy the 1Gb quota and out of a sudden he/she will be shock to know that his 'other quotas' say from 'FAST pass' will be eaten up since the phone changes signal.
        And for the comments from business point of view above…. Ya it's true that you have oversupply in 4G capacity but have you ever though from the customer perspective and try to get the 4G signal indoors…
        Fact is you can't really get it and if you're lucky enough it will be merely 1 or 2 signal bars indoors. So practicality in the implementation of such limitation in the 4G offering is just I must say obnoxious indeed.
        So my point is, when you offer stuff. Let it be free 2Gb Internet every weekend and not limit it on 4G only network.
        Correct me if I'm wrong and I may be misunderstood things but if I'm right I thinks others should know too. For first glance at the T&Cs, what I understood is the free weekend Internet for life can only be used on 4G network and if your phone change signal, maybe.. Maybe your other quotas will be used. And you'll end up shock if out of a sudden your quotas depleted horrendously.
        Thanks. Not that I'm intended to create sentiments here but this is what I understood.


          Yes, what you mentioned about the free weekend data is correct. It is for 4G use only. If you can't connect to 4G, it will either use the free basic (throttled internet) if you don't have a data plan or tap into your data plan if you've subscribed. Usually, a typical user would get at least a data plan and the free weekend data is a complimentary add-on quota.

          Userss was referring to the additional data plan that you need to purchase using your credit. For a RM30 – 2GB option. he implied that 1GB is meant for 4G only and the other half can be used on all network. When we checked, there's no such terms and it was stated that the data quota is applicable to all networks – 2G/3G/4G.


          Just sharing that according to the T&C, under FAST Internet Passes no 2:

          I have subscribed to RM30 for 2GB (1GB + 1GB 4G/LTE). What can I use for the 2GB quota given?

          2GB quota from RM30 Pass contains the following:

          1GB – standard quota for all Maxis network usages (2G/3G/4G)
          1GB 4G LTE – quota for usage on the Maxis 4G/LTE network only.

          and item no4:

          I am in a 4G LTE coverage area. Which quota will be deducted first?

          Your 4G/LTE quota will be deducted first, followed by your standard quota.


          And also, the one u mentioned above, it is under FAST Internet Add–ons, which is the boost add-ons on top of ur internet pass. To purchase an add-on, you MUST have an active weekly/monthly Internet Pass.

          Can I use the quota for all types of browsing?
          Yes. Add-on quota are applicable for all internet usages on all Maxis network (2G/3G/4G).

          Under the T&C, there's no mention of split of 4G quota for the add-on data plans:(f) Quota is applicable to all Maxis network including 2G/3G/4G/LTE.


          Users, thanks for pointing that out. We’ve reached out to Maxis and they told us that they no longer split 4G/all network data for the passes. They will update the FAQ.


          I see, thanks SoyaCincau for the clarification ! This is good news for everyone !


      The info u explained is old FAST plan.


    It's a business decision with strategic reasoning. The 2G/3G network is heavily utilized by lots of users still, even in this age of 4G/LTE. Lot's of users out there are either on old phones or are just reluctant to switch to 4G coz it eats up battery much faster.

    That being said, all the telcos have plenty of 4G bandwith at this point in time. Thus, it makes sense to 'give it away for free' since they do not need it. Yet, can't give it away totally for 24/7, because that will mean they will not have any revenue at all for data from the prepaid market.

    Thus, the reason why it's only 4G and not 2G/3G enabled.
    Am working with one of the telco company….


      Agreed here. Low utilisation + more efficient 4G technology means that the company can offer data more "freely" on 4G. It also seems like Maxis is pushing more of it's users to adopt the 4G technology, something that is actually beneficial to the end user in terms of experience. Overall, for RM 60, user gets 2GB + 125 mins Calls + 2GB every weekend (8GB)..seems like a great option for those who seldom travel and would like to experience their strong network..esp. if compared to their postpaid plans.

      However, 4G only eats up more battery because of the 4G–>3G switch that occurs. With stronger 4G coverage/penetration + decreasing 4G device price, i foresee this dilemma not being a big issue.


      but the problem is , most phone switch between 4g and 3g. And a user will burn out Data very fast if they are on 3G network


Why Maxis always never make it easy for consumer? All the T n C with weekends lah… Saturday 1GB lah, must be 4G network lah,. wind must blow in certain direction lah… WTF?! Do I need to attend a course to understand the offer?
I just don't feel they are sincere in courting consumers. More of hoping you just read the headline but never read the fine prints.


    WTF. Free Weekends for life cannot read? You blind or stupid? or both.


      You are exactly the classic example of what maxis want to fool. Only read the headline like what I said in the earlier post
      Go read all the fine prints of the terms than come and talk lah.

      And it also specify for connection on 4G only lah dungu. Weekends you can't balik kampung lah or go fraser hill lah because no 4G?! Why stupid maxis impose this kind of stupid terms? And is 1GB per 1 saturday/sunday lah… 8GB only for 8 days. more then 8 days weekend how ah? You care to explain? Or you are suppose to assumed not covered under the "For Life" category because you have to be dead that day?

      Btw, free for life is your life or their product plan life ah? Dunno? You are not blind or stupid but you don't know??


        Pls control your emo
        If not happy then choose celcom or digi or tune talk la
        For what so angry? The new sim pack caused you lost few mill riggit ah? Or other telco employ you to write bad comment?


        Make your choice not need to raise your anger in public

        Ah meng

        Hello. Is it other telco employ u to make bad comment here?
        If not happy then don buy la. No big deal right?

        Sandy low

        "Oppo", u employed by somemore to attack?
        Or Maxis owe you few mill?


          Is actually self defence… that doubleUtee fellow call me blind or stupid.
          he started it first.

          Anyway… nobody employ me. Just a disgruntle ex-maxis user that got sucked by them.

          Kind a think of it… maybe some of you are Maxis employee? Why defend a blood sucker?


          I'm sorry for calling you blind or stupid. Did not know you are both.

          I don't think the offer is misleading because they say it clearly on the website not hiding under some T and C or faq. If you cannot read you are blind.

          Stupid because you are arguing about free stuff. The weekend data you can use any hour on weekend and most people are using 4g now. Why argue about 3G when most of the time you use 4g. FYI you can buy a data plan. Just like u mobile offer free 1gb and you need to buy more. If everything free no need to cari makan already. You tell me then which one is the best now. You sure not hidden t and c?
          You want to complain why don't you make noise about Digi unlimited offer but reality is 15GB or xpax unlimited only after midnight. Stupid.


          You did a research of the prepaid community that most of them are on 4G?
          How would you know it?
          Calling people names with your potty mouth doesnt make you smarter you know.

          frankly speaking this term is the most stupid I have come across.
          Imagine you are driving on a sunday using Google Map, coming in and out of the 4G zone…

          I don't expect anything to be free, and I fully understand those midnight offers by other telco, simply because those hours are less congested and it encourages less congestion too during the day for benefit of the whole community. But tell me, what Maxis achieve by restricting it to 4G? Other then inconvenience of the users? The nature of being mobile technology is you fully expect people to move around. So is it that Maxis tells you to use it on a Sunday but hopefully get to earn something because you unknowingly drop in and out of 4G? that, is the fine print maxis didnt tell you. And can you count? the hours are longed if add up all midnights then all weekends?? A

          Nothing is free stuff. It is inclusive in the price. If it is free, can I just take it without paying anything else? No.

          And I applaud smaller telcos like Digi and Umobile are giving the tough fight to Maxis. Maxis should have been the leader in pricing. But they are not even the first to give throttled down speed once the quota is up. All they do now a days are spending on pointless marketing money to tell us how cool is it for their intern to sit next to the CEO in the office. Nothing on product innovation until recently. Not by choice mind you, but they had to react to stay in the fight.

          Now go clean your potty mouth with some bird droppings. Yes, it is cleaner then your mouth.


          The more you talk just expose how even stupid you are. So 1am to 7am is better than weekend all time data?

          "I fully understand those midnight offers by other telco, simply because those hours are less congested and it encourages less congestion too during the day for benefit of the whole community."

          Wow really? How much did you get paid to write that load of nonsense? You can fully understand midnight offers but you say you need a degree course to understand free weekend data. And yet you claim misleading because it is 4g only. You must be an idiot for failing to notice the hidden t nc for midnight Internet. All those unlimited offers are not really unlimited. Digi was capping 15Gb and after much complain they make it 30gb. I don't see you bitching misleading maybe because you are selectively act stupid by choice. Why you refuse to admit Digi also offer free extra 4G?

          Suddenly you talk about who is first to offer throttle Internet. Trying to divert the topic? Remember your first comment about being mislead. Stick to the argument because changing topic just make you look more stupid. By the way, I'm an xpax and Digi user and I just find your argument an insult to intelligence.


          And FYI… it is the disgruntle posting for various users like me in various forums that got the current maxis users their free quota upgrade. A big "thank you" would do…


    Abang, ini marketing strategy. U tau atau tak tau?
    Ada Bank promote 8% rebate using the credit card but when u open tnc need to spend rmxxk per mth with this n that requitement only can get 8%

    Why you didnt go to complain the bank?

    I dont think u need to atrend the course to understand the offer but u need to attend matketing course to make yourself look smarter


      How you know I never complain to bank?
      Anyway, you are comparing a bank giving me credit and load vs me-the-consumer-giving-telco-cash.

      Doesn't sound very smart yourself are you?

    Kent chin

    Celcom burung hantu aslo need to purchase internet then only can entitle. That 1 worst because mid night only, not need sleep really become hantu….


      walao bro that one really fast at midnight cz no one will stay up till so late
      last time my sis dl all her movie not even 10mins alrd done

Xiao Xiao

My friend is on "normal Hotlink" plan & needs only basic Internet (mostly whatsapp, Instagram, FB).

Currently he tops up RM30/month & has accumulated more than RM200 credits. He intends to use them to purchase MOL points for PC games.

Hence, should he change to Hotlink Fast plan?


    He can change to new hotlink fast. Can enjoy free basic internet + weekend free 2gb 4G network and can use the balance rm200 to buy games points

      Xiao Xiao

      Just found out that his phone doesn't have 4G (only 3G), thus recommending to stay on current plan (#hotlink actually).

      Just to share the info I gathered, if you top up just RM30/month (that is, NOT buying Internet pass) :
      1) #hotlink plan = free basic Internet (works for all internet services, including social chat apps) all days. No need 4G phone.

      2) Fast plan = NO free basic Internet (only free social chat), free 2GB every weekend (on 4G network).


Maxis pushed the panic button. haha.


guys, is this plan allow for auto renewal for daily plan 1gb/RM3 which means 30gb a month at RM90 only?

    Sandy low

    Daily pass normally no auto renewal


1GB/RM3 Daily…I think this is really a great deal…also free 1GB each day in weekend ..again..not bad seriously compare to others..thinking to change to FAST plan ald….
Im using 2 Sim cards both Digi and Hotlink, hope Digi will come out with better prepaid plan this time to fight back..


    Digi cut free internet and without new promotion it sound so bad
    I think is time change to FAST


      tot will not have anything to release after postpaid has been real down
      hopefully this is a good change and of cz have to see what others offer before decide

Hotlink prepaid user

Is Hotlink Fast Plan allow to buy validity 365 so that we do not need to top up month?


currently on Hotlink 2.0.
I see there that 5GB for RM48. No split 3G/4G quota, right? If no split like old Fast, then I will change to this new FAST.


    Yup, frm tnc it show no split, 5gb can use all G. I use few telco lines recent months. Found that maxis 4g the best


      even 3G H+ now at home I can get 7-8Mbps at 8-9pm. before, it was less then 1Mbps.


I never loyal to any telco,already port in and out to all telcos for the last couple of years..the one gave me the best value,then for sure i will follow:).
Anyway,as for this new prepaid one,i would say congrats to maxis by coming out with this plan..but they really need to revamp their process. Went to 2 of their exclusive dealer today, and both say,cannot port in to this prepaid plan,only at maxis center can do.they only can do port in to postpaid.
All other telco can port in even at normal dealer,but not for giant like maxis…sooo sad.


looks like all telco starts copying each other haha
previous only the blue/purple has this weekend data feature but now….
anyway competitive is good so watch out for the best


my fren not able to use the 8gb and he said ask from the staff only phone with 4g can use or in 4g area only
somehow confusing




There's a catch! If you read the T&C. It clearly stated free 2GB weekend internet quota only available for every Sat & Sun from 00:01AM – 11:59PM. Which means you probably gonna use it on morning only except if you wanna be a panda.


I don’t care about all this stuff.Just need a lot of quota with the cheapest price~


Excuse me, I hv somerhing to ask abt the Fast Internet Add-on. I’ve been enjoying that fast internet plan before but now my phone(4g) has broken. Currently I am using my old phone Samsung Ace which is a 3g phone but this Fast plan is no longer working. There’s no such thing as free 2GB on weekends anymore but when I check my internet status it is stated that the plan is available. Is there something gone wrong or it’s because the plan doesn’t work on 3g phones?


Why can’t they just come out with a plan that is right for once. Why they always come out with plans that feels right in certain ways and feels absolutely wrong in other ways?

Derek Law

Soya Cincau, Can I just buy the data for say RM48 for 5GB and just use the data and for receiving call / sms.

Don't need it to make calls or SMS – just want the data. Is the Line considered active?

Mohd nazmi bin zahari

No.66 kampung awek darau,22000 jerteh besut terengganu

CK Lee

Hotlink is changing rules . Now consumers DO NOT have a choice 0f not renewing the internet plan even though your line is inactive, which means you cannot use the internet unless you top up to stay active. I top up RM20 and my line was active only 5 days! I have dual sim and use my postpaid line to call as hotlink charges are much higher. Now think of switching to U Mobile which my family and friends are doing, which give cheaper call rates and data plan.


why can't i upgrade to hotlink plus via hotlink red app? it shows no plan at the moment


Hello i have a question

Does hotlink fast have holiday internet promo like hotlink?example during hari raya there will be interent promo of rm6 1gb,rm10 5gb,etc


Semua maxxis user fast plan ke tumpang tanya


10 gb


I want free data