Acer debuts three new work machines sporting 6th Gen Intel Core processors

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acer switch aplha 12

The [email protected] event in New York saw the launch of a bunch of new portable devices designed for the busy worker on the go all the way to those looking for hardcore gaming performance. Of the devices launched are the Acer Switch Alpha 12 2-in-1 PC, the rather skinny Acer Aspire S13 and the tough Chromebook 14 for Work.

Acer Switch Alpha 12

Acer’s latest premium 2-in-1 PC, the device is not only the first to feature Acer’s LiquidLoop fanless Liquid Cooling system, but also is the first of its kind to sport 6th Gen Intel Core i processors. There will be three variants available which have all of the same specs save for a choice of processor (i7/i5/i3U) and up to 8GB RAM and up to 512GB storage.

The Switch Alpha 12 is also bundled together with a full-sized keyboard that features a large touchpad and functions as a cover for the device’s 12″ (2160 x 1440) IPS display as well. If that’s too small for you, you can also hook it up to multiple 4K displays via its USB Type-C port or an optional dock. If you like being able to use a pen with the Switch Alpha 12 there’s the optional Acer Active Pen which pretty much is a compatible stylus.

Though take note that the Liquid Loop Cooling doesn’t really use much in the way of real liquid so there’s no tank for you to fill up.

The Acer Switch Alpha 12 will be available for $599 (about RM2337) starting June.

Aspire S13

acer aspireS13_1

One of the thinnest notebooks in its class (and its pricepoint) the Aspire S13 has a super thin profile but it doesn’t skimp on performance. It’s also got Nano imprint lithography to create stylish textures on both the keyboard are and on the cover to give it a touch of good looks, with a design inspired by the Aspire V Nitro.

In terms of specs the Aspire S13 has a 13.3 inch full HD display with optional touch, up to 8GB RAM and 512GB storage, and the choice between an i7/i5 or i3U processor. In terms of graphics its got an Intel HD Graphics 520 chip and a battery life rating of up to 11 hours for the non-touch variant, 13 hours for the one with touch.

acer aspire S13_2

The Aspire S13 will launch in May and retail at $699 (about RM 2724).

Chromebook 14 for Work

acer chromebook 14_1

Designed for those needing to work on the go, the Chromebook 14 has a rather unique Corning Gorilla Glass cover that’s both tough and highly customiseable. Designed to US military spec, its spill resistant , can handle up to 45cm drops and oddly has a namecard holder on its rear end. It charges with a USB Type-C port and sports up to 12 hours battery life.

As for specs, the Chromebook 14 is home to a 14 inch Full HD IPS screen (with a 1366 x 768 variant) , 6th gen Intel Core processor coupled with an Intel HD Graphics chip, 2GB, 4GB or 8GB RAM and the choice between 16/31GB storage.

The Chromebook 14 for Work will retail starting $349 (about RM 1361).

Stay tuned for our hands on of Acer’s latest devices at [email protected] NYC.

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2 Comments for Acer debuts three new work machines sporting 6th Gen Intel Core processors


8gb not enough for developers using xamarin and emulators


this —> Acer Switch Alpha 12 ! the sweet spot would be i5 + 256gb storage. which currently listed in US website is USD749 (rm2996) and this is keyboard is very enticing considering at its price. not to mention that its website specs stated "thunderbolt 3".

i am sure it will force its competitors to adjust its pricing like XPS 12 9250, HP Pavillion X2 12, and Surface Pro 4 variants.