Tune Talk: Bisa Pak is the plan for Indonesians living in Malaysia

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Tune Talk has a brand new plan for Indonesians living in Malaysia, with more data to satisfy ever growing mobile data needs and of course, the need to keep in touch with the folks back home.

Users will enjoy IDD call rates of 6 cents per 30 seconds alongside 500MB free basic internet, 20 minutes of free calls to Indonesia (after which calls cost the normal 16 cents rate) and rates of 5 sen per SMS. However, to get the special budget call rates you would need to use the budget prefix in order to make said calls.

Topups will give you additional free high-speed internet starting from 300MB for RM 10, each with increasing benefits depending on your topup amount, with the biggest being free flights back to Indonesia if you continuously top up RM100 every month for 2 years.

Each reload also accrues AirAsia BIG Points, starting at 30 BIG Points per RM10 reload. Accumulated points can be used to redeem AirAsia flight tickets; with Tune Talk Bisa Pak users getting insurance coverage up to RM100,000.

Users also get access to Tune Indo, which will keep you updated with the latest news, entertainment and other goodies coming from Indonesia.

If you’d like to know more, visit Tune Talk for more details.

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