TuneTalk Madness Top Up promo gives up to 4GB of data free when you top up


In a world where consumers yearn for more data, TuneTalk has introduced a new “Top Up Madness” promotion for their subscribers which gives users more free data when they top up their prepaid plan.

The new promo gives users up to 4GB of free data when they top up with TuneTalk. In the past, TuneTalk’s top up promo only gave users 3GB of data when they top up RM100 and they did not have any benefits for users who topped up RM20 and below.

Now, with the new Top Up Madness promo, TuneTalk is giving away free data for users who top up at least RM10 (except RM15 top ups) while users who top up RM50 and above gets 1.5GB of free data plus RM10 of extra credit. If you top up RM100 online, TuneTalk will throw in a massive 4GB of additional data. This is a pretty significant amount of data but keep in mind that all of the data free data that you get from topping up RM30 and above is only valid for 30 days.


This means that if you top up RM30 and purchase the RM25 Datatatata plan which gives you 1GB of data, you will end up with 2.5GB of data that is valid for 30 days.

What do you guys think of this plan?