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Your WhatsApp conversations are now encrypted end to end


WhatsApp has finally rolled out end to end encryption for all users. Initially released only for Android users via Open Whisper Systems, the new encryption now covers all forms of communications including WhatsApp calls, photos, videos and file transfers on both Android and iOS platforms.

If you’re running on the latest version of WhatsApp, encryption will be enabled automatically by default.


Whether you’re chatting to an individual or in a group, you can be rest assured that no third party will be able to tap into your conversations. You should notice a subtle message indicating that your chat and voice calls are encrypted end to end.

This will only work if all parties have encryption enabled and you can check if your contact or group is secured by going into Group Info > Encryption. If a member doesn’t have encryption enabled, an open lock icon will appear and they would need to update WhatsApp to close the loop.


To verify if the encryption is valid with a specific individual, you can check the Security code by comparing the 60 digit code or by scanning the QR code. For group chats, you’ll get a lock icon if all members are compliant.

The folks at WhatsApp have a strong desire to protect personal privacy and they believe encryption is ultimately the key for the future of personal communication. Co-Founder Jan Koum also shared about life in the former USSR where people couldn’t speak freely under communist rule. Today WhatsApp assures that more than a billion of its users can talk freely and securely.

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Alexander Wong