This could be the best postpaid plan in town — RM80/month for unlimited everything

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UPDATE: Webe’s postpaid plan is now official. Unlimited calls, sms and data from RM79/month. More details here.

Many of you might not have heard of Webe, but after today’s set of events, they’re probably going to be on everyone’s lips. We have speculated in the past that Webe might become the next 4G LTE operator (under P1 and TM) and it looks like our suspicions might have just become reality.

What’s more, it also seems that Webe might just have the best mobile 4G LTE plan yet.

After some digging, came across a staging site for the aforementioned Webe. This staging site not only reveals that Webe is going to begin operations as a 4G LTE operator, but also that they’re offering ridiculously good value plans.


From the looks of things, Webe’s starter plan will offer consumers 20GB of data, 1,000 minutes of calls and 1,000 SMSes from only RM8 a month. Keep in mind that the RM8/month price tag is only available for existing P1 customers who choose to pick up a device plus the plan.


If someone is an existing P1 customer that doesn’t want to pick up a plan, they would have to pay RM9. For non-P1 customers, you would have to pay RM10 for the plan instead.

As peculiar as it sounds, also discovered that if you wanted to enable tethering for your Webe data plan, you would have to add on an additional RM10. That brings the total up to RM20/month which is still a pretty smashing deal.


But that’s not all. It also seems that Webe are looking to introduce an unlimited plan for RM80/month. And when they say unlimited, they truly mean unlimited as the page indicates that users who subscribe to this plan will get unlimited 4G Internet, unlimited calls and unlimited SMS. The plan also allows for shared lines (up to 3 lines) which could mean that up to four different lines sharing one unlimited quota.

Comparatively, an existing RM80 plan like Celcom’s FIRST Gold plan only gives you 10GB of data (split between weekends and weekdays).

However, as this is only a test page, we do urge you to take this with a grain of salt as its seems too good to be true. These numbers could only be placeholder figures and not reflect the final plan’s pricing. Either way, this is exciting stuff and we will find out the truth of them come the 13th of April when P1 finally unveils its big secret.

What do you guys think of these plans?

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35 Comments for This could be the best postpaid plan in town — RM80/month for unlimited everything


How i wish this is true and yeah bear in mind that i have to pay rm 50 a month/ 4gb with a 24 months contract for a so called student package from Yes //weeps


I will immediately change plan when the plan launch… nothing to lose over RM20 with 20GB a month !!!

    Hate Celcom

    Notice that all the stupid Malaysia telcos only concentrate on selling you more and more smartphone plans WITH contract. And don't work on improving their core product, which is their line. All their lines suck all these years, never change. If you cannot improve your line, why charge so high?


M story

This prepaid of maxis may join also


make sure coverage is there…….

if not, unlimited also useless


    I heard Awebe will use celcom coverage


      They are using P1 and TM tower. If hooked to celcom tower we only get 3 G coverage. Corredt me if i am wrong


Rm80 for unlimited everything?? Count me in. Now using normal rm30/month and add on close to rm50 when out of quota seems like a big waste now. Add rm10 for thether? Not a problem. Its UNLIMITED 4G!!


For the unlimited is that got Mifi version?


wow. if the coverage is good, say bubye to celcom umobile digi maxis

    Hate Celcom

    Cannot tahan Celcom bad line anymore. I hope Celcom/Maxis/Digi all lose many customers, Manyak fed up.


      Bad line or you live in an ulu place. Hahaha


Soyacincau do you know about its coverage?


    More details to be unveiled during its launch next week. It will have domestic roaming with Celcom at places where its own coverage is not available.


If my area got coverage, I will change immediately…actually Malaysia data too expensive and data too poor

    Hate Celcom

    Yes, the quality is toooooo lousy. All these useless Malaysia punya telcos. Useless betul.


Hopefully it will not be 2GB whole day and 18GB off peak.


    Or 1gb peak, 2gb off peak and 17gb weekends 😀


Quickly sign up before other telcos complain to MCMC. Then they have to pull out the plan.


This is leaked info lol and this pricing is only applicable to staff.


    Or it's open to Unifi subscriber with 100Mbps only!


Holy Sh*t!!Is it for real!!??
A potential customer here.Sick of these 1gb to 3gb offers..:(
My company coorperate lines use up to 2 main & 3sub lines.
monthly bill rm 400 500 + Ya forgot to mention it is [email protected]$ …….


please be more clear when talking about telco sharing / rent other telco tower for coverage. definitely they wont get 100% coverage, as it depends on how much they willing to spend.

just look at umobile. it used to share celcom coverage, and currently use maxis coverage. but their coverage is nowhere near these two!

johnny tiong

if this is real, all network company can close the door . only webe is the king.


until end year 2016.. after that pay 80 for 20gb.. and rm500 for unli.. g,ahagaga


    I think 80 for 20gb is still a good deal 😀 hahah


If coverage is good, I will port out to Webe as soon as possible…I have been loyal to Maxis since 1995 and I have two supp lines and I am not happy with Maxis telling me that I was not eligible for this and that 'offer'.

Derek Law

Can't wait for this Plan. Even cheaper than UMobile. Soya Cincau editors, please update after tomorrow.


Jgn risau psl coverage, skg TM tgh pull fiber utk smua tower2 under P1.

ranjit singh

I m quite surprise d when I went to Tom point and asked the staff they say this not a subsidiary company .so where to go.if this true this we be is a good deal.plse adv what and how to apply for this plan.


    Hi Ranjit, i just changed to webe. You can subscribe online. Go to They deliver simcard foc too.


      how was the connection 4G so far




    at the end webe will turn sucks


Webe penipu besar yg sy pernah jumpa nk terminate pun susah…sy x pakai pun kene charges tah ape2 …janji internet free laa calling free laa last2 bill dtg sampai seratus lebih x taw knp… Sy x pakai hotspot pun …please sy nk tukar ke digi semula…!!!! Reply me asap sbb sy x nk bazirkan duit kat webe… Menyampahhhhh!!!!