11street is offering the iPhone SE from RM1,899


Apple has finally revealed the official pricing for the iPhone SE and it’s a doozy. Not impressed with how much it costs? Well, 11street would like to serve you a counter offer.

The iPhone SE made waves when it was first announced. Many were happy that Apple decided to go back to the 4-inch form factor, but most were a little disappointed that they simply recycled their old iPhone 5s body.

We think it’s actually a brilliant move on Apple’s part because not only does it offer an affordable iPhone with top-of-the-line specs for consumers, it also gave users who hung on to the iPhone 5/5s for its size a viable upgrade.

If you’re on board with the idea of an iPhone 6s crammed into the body of an iPhone 5s and you want to pick one up, 11street is having a special promotion on their imported iPhone SE devices.


As part of their “Shocking Deals” 11street are knocking 7% off the top of the imported iPhone SE’s original price tag of RM2,049, meaning those who are interested can pick up the 16GB iPhone SE for RM1,899 (incl GST) with free shipping.

If you want more storage, you can top up RM519 for the 64GB variant, which brings the total device cost to RM2,418 inclusive of GST. Keep in mind that this unit, according to their Seller Information table, is being shipped from Kowloon, Hong Kong and is sold without a warranty.

However, if your device is dead on arrival, the terms state that you can make a claim within 7 days of receiving the delivery. If you do decide to pick this unit up, we do hope you don’t end up with a padlock instead.