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Digi offers Malaysia’s first 4G LTE-A broadband with 100GB of quota


Capitalising on their “widest 4G LTE-A” network coverage, Digi launched two 4G LTE-Advanced plans — the Broadband 145 and Broadband 185. These plans are designed to give customers high-speed Internet connectivity anywhere within Digi’s LTE-A coverage areas via the company’s new LTE-A capable MobiFi device.

The Broadband 145 plan offers 50GB of Internet quota for RM145/month while the Broadband 185 will offer 100GB of Internet quota for RM185/month. Both plans will be available to customers starting 1st April 2016.


If you’re a Digi Postpaid plan subscriber, you can get RM25 off the monthly bill which brings the total down to RM120 and RM160 for each plan respectively. Additionally, Digi Postpaid plan subscribers can also pick up the MobiFi mobile wireless router (which is a Huawei E5786Bs MiFi) for RM203 instead of the retail price of RM754.


Digi also lets you pick up the MobiFi portable wireless router on contract. If you’re going with the Broadband 145 plan, you will have to pay a total of RM300 (RM145 for plan + RM155 for device upfront payment) while Broadband 185 subscribers only need to pay RM280 upfront (RM185 for plan + RM95 for device upfront payment).

In addition to the upfront payments, you will also have to pay RM9 for the first 12 months. That means, if you get the Broadband 145 with a MobiFi device, you will be paying a total of RM263 (RM155 upfront + RM108 device) for the MobiFi while the Broadband 185’s MobiFi device will set you back a total of RM203 (RM95 upfront + RM108 device)

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This means, if you’re a Digi Postpaid customer going for the Broadband 145 plan, it’s actually cheaper to buy the MobiFi device outright because you will only need to pay RM203 for it.

Of course, the Broadband 145 and 185 plans will work with pretty much any mobile wireless device that is LTE-A capable, so you don’t have to splurge on Digi’s MobiFi if you already have one lying around, or can pick one up for cheaper. Digi’s Mobifi does boast Cat 6 LTE speeds with support for 802.11ac WiFi, though.


Keep in mind that the 50GB and 100GB of Internet quota are split between anytime quota and off-peak quota. For the Broadband 145 plan, 20GB will be allocated as anytime quota while 30GB is filed under off-peak quota (2am-8am).

Meanwhile, the Broadband 185 sees an Internet quota split of 30GB of anytime quota and 70GB of off-peak quota. Once the quota is depleted, Broadband 185 users will have their speeds throttled to 512kbps but can still continue using the plan, unlike the Broadband 145 plan that simply cuts off once your quota has been exhausted.


LTE-Advanced works via Carrier Aggregation using both 1800MHz and 2600 MHz bands to give you more consistent high speeds. As of today, Digi claims that their LTE-A network is the widest in the country, covering 31% of the population. To enjoy LTE-A speeds, you will need to have a 4G SIM, at least a Cat 6 device and be within their coverage area. If you meet these three criteria, any Digi customer can enjoy 4G LTE-A speeds regardless of whether you’re on a postpaid, prepaid or broadband plan.

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Digi also demonstrated their 4G LTE-A capabilities, reaching speeds of 100Mbps in the Taman Bukit Jalil area. If you’d like to see a map of Digi’s LTE and LTE-A coverage, head on over to their coverage page.