Compared: Fibre broadband services in Malaysia — TM vs TIME vs Maxis vs Celcom

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UPDATE: We’ve updated the comparison to include TM’s new 100Mbps UniFi Pro plan.

UPDATE 2: Celcom’s Home Broadband joins the fray.

After the initial telco price war, it seems the battle has spilt over into the realm of fixed broadband services as the big-three fibre broadband service providers in Malaysia clash. The question is, which one is the best for you?

Don’t worry because, as usual, we’ve got you covered.

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We saw strong offerings from the four major players in the fibre broadband industry, but as with most plans, there are pros and cons to each plan. Let’s dive into each one and see if we can find which is the best.

TM UniFi

TM kicked things off by upping their UniFi game to the current UniFi Advance plan which offers 30Mbps download speeds for RM179. If you desire more speed, you can opt for the upgrade to 50Mbps for RM50 extra. TM also have a new UniFi Pro plan that offers speeds up to 100Mbps.

Much like the original VIP UniFi plans, you will also get a free HyppTV subscription though only for the base channels. If you’re a big TV or movie buff, TM’s UniFi also offers a 1-year free subscription to local streaming service iflix worth RM96. With iflix, you get access to a moderately large catalogue of old and some relatively new shows that you can binge, including exclusives like Mr Robot.

Opting for the UniFi Pro plan gives you additional benefits on top of those that you get with the UniFi Advance plans. Firstly, the UniFi Pro plan comes with a free Voice Call voice bundle (worth RM20) that gives you 600 mins of calls, beyond which you will be charged 10sen/min to mobile and other fixed lines (calls to TM fixed lines remain free). You also get a free 3-month access pass to Viu — a streaming site that offers Korean dramas, varriety shows and other asian programs.

There is a caveat, however. With UniFi Advance and Pro, your download and upload speeds are not symmetrical, meaning for the base RM179 plan, you will be getting 30Mbps download speeds but only 10Mbps upload speeds. The same goes for the 50Mbps which have its upload speed limited to 20Mbps and the 100Mbps Pro plan which has it’s upload speeds limited to 50Mbps.

Do keep in mind that these prices for the UniFi Advance and Pro plans are still under a promo price (original prices: RM199 (30Mbps), RM249 (50Mbps), RM329 (100Mbps) so the original prices are a tad higher. While TM has extended the promotional period for the UniFi Advance plans in the past, it remains unclear if they will do so for the “early bird promo” price for the UniFi Pro plan.

TIME Fibre

TIME, on the other hand, released their latest range of broadband services with symmetrical speeds of up to 500Mbps for RM299. If you don’t want to pay the premium for 500Mbps, they also have lower tier plans rated at 100Mbps and 300Mbps that costs RM149 and RM189 respectively.

With TIME, you don’t get many luxuries in terms of add-ons, just raw Internet speed. In this aspect, TIME is unmatched by the other local fibre broadband operators, but, they have their hands tied when it comes to coverage as TIME’s services only extend to 250,000 ports nationwide. Most of TIME’s ports can be found in apartments and condos so if you’re living on a landed property, odds are, you won’t be able to subscribe to TIME.

MaxisONE Home

Maxis are notorious for not participating in price wars, instead, opting to improve customer service and reliability. With that in mind, Maxis launched their latest MaxisONE Home fibre broadband plans which focus on customer service and installation experience.

What they’ve come up with is the Maxperts which, in their own words. are a “SWAT-like team of Internet experts” who specialise in optimising your Internet connection. We can see how this is useful for those who are less than tech-savvy, but if you are anything like us, the services these Maxperts provide become much less valuable as you could probably do the optimising yourself.

In true Maxis fashion, their fibre plans are the most expensive in this comparison. For the base 20Mbps plan, Maxis are charging RM170/month while the 30Mbps plan is going for RM220/month. You will also have to be subscribed to a MaxisONE Plan (excluding the MaxisONE Plan Lite) before you are eligible to subscribe to the MaxisONE Home.

To make matters worse, the prices mentioned above are after a special promo discount for MaxisONE Plan 128 and above customers. That means, if you’re a MaxisONE Plan 98 subscriber, you will still have to pay the full price of RM198 for 20Mbps, RM270 for 30Mbps and RM398 for 100Mbps.

Speaking of the 100Mbps plan, this plan is only available within Maxis’ own area of coverage (which reaches 75,000 ports) and does not extend to the ports they share with TM. Besides that, you will have to be a MaxisONE Plan 158, 188, MaxisONE Business and MaxisONE Business Extra to be eligible for the RM330/month price.

Celcom Home Broadband

Celcom became the latest player to join the recent home fibre network race when they released their Home Broadband service. After their earlier agreement with TM, Celcom can now utilise TM’s HSBB network to provide home fibre broadband plans to their customers.

Their plan offers a speed of 10Mbps for RM145/month. The caveat is that this plan is only available for Celcom FIRST Gold subscribers in the Klang Valley area.

That said, the plan itself isn’t that attractive. If you’re only interested in paying the bare minimum for fibre Internet connectivity and are a Celcom FIRST Gold subscriber, then perhaps this plan could be for you. Celcom are also offering a 50% discount for the first six months of your Home Broadband subscription so that could be quite attractive for the user on a budget.

However, if you’re a moderate or above user, you’d be better off topping up a little bit extra for two or three times faster speeds with Maxis Fibre or UniFi. You could also just top up RM4 for 100Mbps if you happen to find yourself within TIME’s coverage area.


In all honesty, these four companies aren’t exactly direct competitors because (especially in the case of TIME) you either have one or the other. Besides Maxis, Celcom and TM, these services rarely overlap.

That said, it is worth taking a look at who can provide the most well-rounded package out there. If it was up to me and I could choose between these three services, I would pick TIME. I’m a heavy Internet user so all I care about is Internet speed and stability — I don’t need all the extra goodies like IPTV bundles and calls or streaming subscriptions.

But, I’m willing to bet that not many share my usage habits. So, if I were to consider the average household — including family members, guests, children, etc. — TM’s UniFi Advance and Pro plans provide the most well-rounded fibre experience.

They’ve got free iflix (which my mum loves to watch old movies on), clear free-to-air TV channels (which my dad loves), and a fast enough download speed + low latency for my gaming needs. A decent compromise that will probably tick the most boxes for the average family.

Which plan would you pick?


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51 Comments for Compared: Fibre broadband services in Malaysia — TM vs TIME vs Maxis vs Celcom


thia ia no brainer. TIME is the best value for money. but..coverage


    im thinking of switcing from 2 moths unifi 30mb to TIME, bcos
    UNFI – 1. hidden costs 2. sometimes speed not even > 2 MBps (30Mb Plan thou) ,

    TIME – 100 MB speed , constant or same like UNIFI, HPTV also jerking……(watch page by page)


    I've just changed from unifi 50mbps to time 300mbps and it was totally worth it and im not even watch hypptv and plus they charged for it useless because they recently upgrade for the advance plan


maxpert is a joke? And I think Time coverage is still too small

Raja Afiq

To those covered within TIME coverage. ENJOY!
If no, please choose within TM or Maxis

Derek Law

Hi SoyaCincau, you said:

" You will also have to be subscribed to a MaxisONE Plan (excluding the MaxisONE Plan Lite) before you are eligible to subscribe to the MaxisONE Home."

Are you sure, meaning if you don't want to subscribe to Maxis Mobile, you cannot use the Maxis Home Fibre. This is very stupid right, forcing customers like this?


    Actually it's optional to MaxisONE plan users will choose the cheapest price with highest speed possible. True Maxis need to wakeup and this's 2016 and not 2006 !!!


    from their FAQs, it seems that the MaxisONE plan customers get a discount but non-maxis users don’t get a discount. anyone can subscribe but one plan users get the RM28 discount


    Hi, according to the FAQ, if you're no longer a MaxisONE plan subscriber, you can only subscribe to their standard Maxis Fibre Internet Plans which have speeds of 10Mbps (RM148), 20Mbps (RM198) and 30Mbps (RM248).

      Derek Law

      Is this case, Unifi 50 is more worth it as its cheaper with faster DL speeds since 90% of time, most users only DL.

      Not considering other freebies like free calls by Maxis and HyppTv / iFlix by Unifi


Thanks soyacincau for the comparison…
Yes if TIME cover my area 100% will choose over Maxis Fiber / free call… smart users rarely use phone at home !!! (with high speed internet we can use apps to call, msg even video call our family & friends) and Unifi / free tv… useless channels !!! (We can watch unlimited drama and movie on the internet).
TIME does help Rakyat alot smart and affordable !!!


Writer probably fall in the 5% of the whole Malaysian Internet subscriber. Most people, they are contented with cheap lower speed Internet connectivity. Probably part of the reason why feel no need to respond to Time.

There are better things in life to do than spending your valuable time torrenting, updating Facebook every half an hour, and browsing aimlessly on the Internet. All that one needs is stability in Internet connectivity.


    still TIME is the cheapest out of the 3 and still manages to provides 3 times the speed of TM and 5 times Maxis. I have used both TM and Maxis and they are equally unstable.


    Found the TM employee


Summary :
UNIFI – if your house has no port , they don't want your business… wait forever or go to some other competitor
(same as Maxis)

TIME – only serve apartment or condo…..landed property owner, do go away, they don't want your business.


    Makes business sense for TIME to serve condos as they invest less on the infra and hit more users compared to landed. But since I am on TIME, no complains, service has been very reliable and the speeds are as advertised.


    "landed property owner, do go away, they don't want your business." – fix. "they can't afford to serve you". if they rush on pushing their service to landed properties, they would end up like ABNXcess, dead on arrival. Too many users subscribing, cost too much to maintain, money coming not enough to cover expansion cost. They could focus on expending their services, and keep the price higher to balance the business. But they are not doing that, instead, they invest on pushing their infra to be better than the competition and expend slowly(but more effectively compared to tm, since high rise building is cheaper to support, and give more money _at the same time_). this is why we need more competition, yes, it's costly to support everybody, and still be cheap, if only one company is doing it, but when we have 10 companies, each one focusing on different areas, we will get both more coverage and higher speed.


it's time to ditch maxis one plan and maxis home fiber and move on for more savings…

Maslan Cerdik

How about the contract?
Maxis plans are coming in 2 years contract.
Takle nak lari.

    Maslan Cerdik

    Hate this contract thingy. 2 years is too long.
    I could get married and have a baby by then.


1.89 million ports and none at my place.

Serious joe

Are sponsors clouding your articles? You're too kind to some parties….sc..
Time …cheap and upcoming, new to market
TM . ….Overpriced, unreliable ..bundled with rubbish TV and overpriced extortionary add ons
Maxis … Overpriced unreliable.

    No Time

    How much did TIME pay you to not mention they support very little places? They can promise 500Gbps but no point if no coverage at all. New to market? TIME is older than Unifi la!


no love for Symphonet ISP?


    I just got them. In Sri Sendayan, 55mbps for RM248. So far so good :), customer service is responsive.


May I suggest to also cover YES Broadband (not YES 4G). Mostly in YTL developments.


most of penang landed house owners are DOOMED. we most probably will never get fiber broadband in our lifetime. 6 yrs and waiting ever since unifi started…


TIME offer RM1 also no use. Less than 5% coverage nationwide. The best is still TM. Have you tried calling Maxis Customer Care? Try and you know.

    Lilian Young

    Anyone know whether TIME's customer care is responsive? I ended with no internet for 3 days because of some stupidity by TM, and spent additional RM20 talking rubbish to their customer care. Planning to change to TIME, but not sure about their review on customer care in case anything happens to the line


      TIME's customer service is excellent. Called twice, spent less than 5 min got what I want


UnifiPro is not available to everywhere. Case in point : Kepong.
According to the sales team, the existing port don't support 100Mbps


Unifi modem etc all warranty one year only. If kaput after 1 year and you already sign 2 year contract with tm then you must spend some more money to buy new equipment. Tm don't care about you only want to sapu your money only. Cheaters!

    Mulyadir Fitri

    The most important thing is their fiber modem (BTU/ONU). That is covered with lifetime warranty by them. Router is very cheap. Can get for RM69 for a rather good TP Link one. People usually change their router after installation anyways as TM's provided router is rubbish

      Ione Sect

      very Good point. You subscribe TM and they give you rubbish router


Surely TIME as most people only subscribe for internet purpose. With raw internet speeds, this is perfect.

Stream? People don't use HyppTV much anymore as it jerks, lags, have issues every now and then. Plenty of option from MediaTV box in the market (shop online)
Else for TV majority of people go for Astro anyway (user friendly, elderly people friendly), so forget about streaming (which only most new generation adopters or youngsters (40 and below) are willing to spend more effort to save $).

Which household does not have a mobile phone? Unless you need it for a fax machine or unless you operate a call center at home, highly doubt you even need the landline in the first place. Now most mobile phone plans comes with FREE to all networks, whats the landline for? Its for those without a mobile phone? Who? Kids? Maids? … do they need it? or do they already have a mobile?

Free subscriptions are nice. Expert consultation are ok as not everyone is tech savvy.
What would be nice if they could allow optional bundle of practical (or nice to have) items
1. fax machine
2. media box (Mi TV?)
3. Playstation (hurrah for TM for providing that)
4. internet capable smart TV
5. upgradable router (those new AC routers that can handle super high speeds and multiple users)
6. internet capable home security, with experts to help install better wireless network at home


Hi, you should update the Astro IPTV price with Maxis and Time. They both lower the new fiber price,but still haven't reflect on the iptv bundle. It means that Astro IPTV subscriber got screw for paying more using the same service .


I see alots of Time supporter here.
I personally tried both Unifi (5Mbps and 10Mbps) before switch to 15Mbps Time (now upgraded to 100Mbps by Time).

I find that the Time service to be tad unstable. for 100Mbps speed (I am heavy DL user), I rarely get more than 10Mbps from all my downloads (simultaneously 10DL) add together.

before that I used to do the same thing with Unifi, and able to get like 3Mbps (Unifi 5Mbps) and around 5Mbps (unifi 10Mbps). So I do not really understand the hype of 100Mbps as you guy would.

Currently still with Time, looking to switch back to Unifi 30Mbps if can get cheaper rate during promotion.

    Ione Sect

    You only have 10Mbps for 100Mbps and you dont go to complain???

    Are you Id???

      Ione Sect

      Are you really Idt???

Ivy Rahim

Time. But they don’t cover my area so sticking to maxis for time being.


TM Unifi now doing promotion. 30mbps for 199rm. Unlimited Speed. If you want to switch to Unifi, please let me know on whatssap 0176128379

    fuck TM

    fuck off fucking promoter

anna Ollie

Worst ever!!!

Sabrina Rajanthiran

I'm going to move to a new house and the area doesn't support Unifi, let alone TIME. I heard that if Unifi isn't available, Maxis wouldn't be too. What about Symphonet? Do you know of any internet service providers that I can find out? Thank you.


Yeah..great but don’t forget for those living in old condos or flats never get the speed more than 30Mbps. Serious shit..


hi all


what are wifi plan best coverage in jalan ampang kl area?

janimuri akito

malaysia is one of the worst countries in terms of wifi providers; the state owned TM is as many other state companies inefficient and very expensive( upto RM 100/Mbps). connection is lousy, unstable with big intervals of no connection at all. you mention the availability is good, yes better than the others but for the consumer it is not really a plus that shit is plentyfull available.
Time is misleading the consumers with their speed which is available in 3 or 4 condo buildings in KL with RM 10.000 rent per month. nowhere in the country they have a decent coverage like all the others who offer fiber optic connection.
bad thing is there is no improvement at all in short term.
claiming to go for medium income country is one thing but a decent isp structure is another. i wish you all very long life to be a widess of speedy internet in Malaysia. most of you need to get over 150 years old. cheers!


I’m currently using TM unifi 50 mbps. Im thinking of switching to Time because it’s faster with 100 mbps and cheaper by rm40 per month. My worry is Time going to have constant disconnection issues like my current experience with unifi? It could be an problem with their wifi router but monthly price is still a factor. So even if changing it will resolve disconnection issues, I still pay more. Can anyone using Time give a feedback on reliability?


Does anybody know what does Time Fibrehome means by "Up to 6 connected devices"?
In a family with more than 6 members, that means the 7th wouldn't get internet access?
Even TV these days requires internet… not mentioning Pads, Tablets, home automation devices etc etc