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Here’s how you can use two SIMs and a microSD card on your Galaxy S7 edge


Samsung brought many of the features their fans loved in old Galaxy S devices — like the microSD card slot and water resistance — back to their flagship Galaxy S7 model. The microSD card is an important feature but Samsung decided to go with a hybrid SIM tray which meant users had to choose between two SIMs or one SIM and one microSD card.

What if we told you that you could have two SIMs and a microSD card slot?

No Replied figured out a way to “hack” the hybrid SIM tray in the Galaxy S7 edge, allowing them to use two nano SIMs and one microSD card at the same time. You must be thinking, how on earth do you “hack” hardware?

Well, apparently you hack it literally because what No Replied did was chop up the secondary SIM and superglue it to the back of the microSD card.

Brilliant right?


The steps No Replied too seemed simple enough with the trickiest part, we reckon, to be the removal of the chip from the nano SIM. It involves heat, prying and some luck to safely get your chip out of its plastic body. Once that’s done though, the rest looks pretty simple and the result actually looks pretty slick and elegant.


Clearly, if you’re going to chop up your SIM card, you should really be careful and we will not be held responsible for any damage caused by this little hack. Proceed at your own risk.

If you’re interested in “hacking” your hybrid SIM tray, you can check out No Replied’s step-by-step guide here. Since it’s a mod to your SIM and microSD, it looks like this might work on any hybrid SIM tray.

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