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Apple’s iPhone SE looks almost identical to the iPhone 5S


iPhone 5S
Ahead of Apple‘s event on the 21st of March, render images have leaked regarding what is set to be Apple’s biggest reveal on that day — the iPhone SE — and it looks almost exactly like their old iPhone 5S.


Rumours have been floating around that Apple was going to launch a 4-inch iPhone during the first half of the year. What the device is supposed to be called has changed following each subsequent leak but it looks everyone has settled with calling it the iPhone SE.

Allegedly, the handset is said to feature a best-of-both-worlds design, pairing the gorgeous looks of the iPhone 5S with the rounded front display of the iPhone 6/6S. How that will actually turn out remains to be seen, but thanks to MacRumours, it looks like we have what could be a solid glimpse at how the device will look like.

MacRumours have obtained renders from popular case manufacturer Spigen for their iPhone SE cases. Based on the renders, the device does indeed look identical to that of the iPhone 5S with almost no traces of the rounded front display that was suggested.


This is, of course, due to a few reasons. The first is that these are merely renders, not official images so the final product could turn out to be slightly different. In fact, if we’re going off the renders, Spigen has left some minor room for error in the case renders like space to include a potential camera hump in the back (which was rumoured) and since the case wraps around the front of the device, we can’t really tell if there is a curved glass panel on top of the display.

Either way, these are merely rumours so don’t take them as fact — especially since they’re not on Spigen’s website. That said, Spigen has been fairly accurate in previous case render leaks so there is a fair chance that the iPhone SE will bear a striking resemblance to the smartphone in these renders.

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In terms of specs, the iPhone SE is said to come in at a small 4-inches which should appeal to those looking for a smaller device. It’s no slouch though as rumours indicate that the smartphone could be packing a top-of-the-line A9 chip which should give it more than enough horsepower to keep everything running smoothly.