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The Huawei Watch for the ladies are coming in April


Today isn’t just about the Huawei Mate 8. It just so happens that it is also International Women’s Day and they have also announced the Huawei Watch for the ladies. The watches come with rose gold case and the elegant variant adds more bling with Swarovski Zirconia that claims to be as brilliant as diamond.


Essentially there are similar with the original Huawei Watch, with a 1.4″ OLED display doing 400×400 underneath a sapphire glass. Another minor difference is that these versions are slightly wider at 44mm from the usual 42mm. The most expensive of the two is the Jewel version with 68 Swarovski crystals lined up along the bezels. The Elegant is the more affordable alternative but it gets unique etched patterns around the edge. By default both models come with a genuine leather strap which is user replaceable.

Since it runs on Android Wear, it will be compatible for both Android and iOS devices. Both watches will be available late April 2016 and they are priced at RM1,999 for Elegant and RM2,299 for the Jewel version.

Huawei Watch Jewel


Huawei Watch Elegant


Alexander Wong