Samsung will warn you when trying to charge a wet Galaxy S7


You know those times when you’ve accidentally dunked your smartphone in water and proceed to charge it shortly after? Nope, us neither. But still, once you’ve made a device water resistant, it doesn’t hurt that you’d prompt your customers that charging is imposible (yes, say it with a Spanish slang) – when it feels that your smartphone is a little on the wet side.

Hey, but why are you complaining? You’re lucky the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge has this warning.

Of course, waterproofing isn’t all that new. Samsung never did make a big fuss about its flagships last year but they were fairly resistant too. This year they’ve gone all out and managed to get the waterproofing down without any flaps (woohoo).


A lucky bunch of techies are already testing out the Galaxy S7 as a daily driver and postings have popped up over on the XDA-Developers forum over the phone’s waterproof-ability. A user states that once the smartphone hits some water if you decide to charge it without letting it dry, a warning message will tell you that the charging port is still damp. So no charging till it’s fully dry.

Are you mad? Well if you’re ever in the same position, don’t be. Just be thankful the South Korean manufacturers decided to ensure that your device doesn’t go boom or bust by short circuiting. You wouldn’t be too thrilled about being phoneless now would you?


Besides, there’s always wireless charging if you’re that desperate to be connected to your Galaxy S7 and S7 edge. Oh, you can try that blowing puffs of air into the micro USB port too like we used to with PS2 memory sticks and Gameboy cartridges.

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No guarantee that’ll help, though.