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Dubai will be buzzing next week as it hosts the first-ever World Drone Prix

Skynet is real or will be soon enough but before we accept the inevitable, Dubai will play host to the first ever World Drone Prix. These remote controlled flying robots will maneuverer across a track at speeds over 100 km/h and zoom about in different zones that’ll test both the drone and the pilot’s ability.

It seems like the World Organisation of Racing Drones (W.O.R.D.) is trying to emulate Red Bull’s Air Race on a smaller scale. The “pilots” of the drones are to fly in a “track” and in between obstacles.

The racing drone will also be required to make one mandatory “pit stop”.  A drone racing team comprises of four or more members with a pilot, navigator, pit stop crew or technician and etc.

Based on the video that the organizers have just outed, we can kind of put together that these drones will fly through markers – much like Red Bull’s Air Race. Sadly, there won’t be any MacLarens involved.

In an extended FAQ, there’s a mention of a “Joker Lane” which would seem to add another thrilling element to it all. We’re expecting it to be something like a flying Mario Kart, with shortcuts and environmental obstacles but with proper safety measures and rules put in place.

Two days’ worth of qualifying rounds of the World Drone Prix will begin on the 7th of March with 100 teams vying for the top 32 spots that’ll actually hit the “race track” on the 11th and 12th of the same month.

The event will take place at SkyDive Dubai with a winning pool of US$ 1 million (RM 4.14 million) at stake. Dubai Marina will be buzzing next week and eager onlookers can make their way to the “stadium” to watch everything go down.

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