TM customers suffer slow connectivity to international sites

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UPDATE: A fault has been detected on a submarine cable affecting TM’s Cahaya Malaysia. Scheduled to be repaired by 31st March.

Having slow connectivity with your TM Unifi or Streamyx service? You’re not alone. TM has reported a network performance issue with international links to the US and North Asia. As a result, accessing websites and online services hosted in the US will be much slower than usual.


The fixed broadband ISP has yet to release an official announcement but it is likely caused by a fault with a submarine cable. This isn’t the first time it happened and the last one reported was sometime in February last year.

Depending how extensive the damage is and subject to weather conditions, restoring international links could take weeks to a month. TM and various broadband providers rely on submarine cables for international connectivity and they are managed by a consortium. In recent years, the 20,000KM Asia-America Gateway (AAG) was responsible for crippling speeds in South East Asia. Local traffic to Malaysian websites should be unaffected. We’ll update once we have more details from TM.

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7 Comments for TM customers suffer slow connectivity to international sites


Only recently?…I've had to endure mediocre speed since end of 2015…But since I only reported this issue sometime in mid Jan. the speed and connectivity has a taken a beating..the disconnection has increase in frequency (more than 8 times per day) the speed have dropped to an abyssmally slow snail's pace…that is after numerous followup with their technician which have told me he has done some adjustment like change ports etc…We the consumers are paying for the speed of it's service…but we are currently not getting any acceptible service level from TM, can we ask for refund from TM if this persist…it's already affecting me for over 2 months already. in this time and age this level of service is totally unacceptable!


    This issue reported here is new affecting most TM users for international traffic. For your on-going complaints, have you tried reporting to CFM?…


    Dear Anon, you might want to search for how people get refund from TM due to abysmal service. Everytime you make a report please make note of the report number and later on when it was said to have been fixed, call TM again for billing department for refund. They need your case number and the would give you another case number for refund. It will take about 15 days to process and you will be notified later on. If succeed, you'll get refunded in next billing cycle. Be smart!


typical response….


Don't be too hungry for high bandwidth as tm now is facing problem with stability. I subsribe unifi hoping for higher speed and was told that fibre optic line is more stable. After using it for 2 months, very dissapointing as I keep having voice drop off during skype business conference. I am on 5mbps unifi. But when check the speed, I got 4.5mbps which is good enough for voice ip. But as I said is the line stability that matters. TM promise to fix the submarine problem by 31 Mar but I still face the same problem first week of Apr.


I wonder why UNIFI internet connectivity slows down after midnight. I keep calling the customer service, and we keep doing every time the same thing:
they reboot from their side and I do the same thing from my side. Every night it is the same experience. I got tired and accepted the faith that I have to endure this situation until the end of the contract. After the end of the contract, I will look for other alternative.
I came across some students complaining about the connectivity after midnight.
I wonder why?


I subscribed to TM Streamyx 1MBPS package, the download speed was only 100KBPS, had to wait 5 minutes for clip to load every time I want to watch something on Youtube, finally terminated Streamyx after the contract is up, switched to mobile broadband and surprisingly the speed is much much faster than Streamyx and cost less.