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Google Maps for iPhone gets 3D Touch and lets you add stops


As Google continues to integrate more useful features from Waze into their Google Maps platform, they aren’t forgetting about updating the iOS app as well.  This new update brings Maps more in line with the Android version as well as incorporating some of iOS’ own features in.

The new update to Maps adds two new features. The first is the ability to add stops to your existing journey, for example, if you need to top up on some fuel or head to a shop for a spot of grocery shopping on your way home from work.


To do so simply hit the search icon (magnifying glass) during your navigation and it will bring up several suggestions like gas stations, restaurants, coffee shops, among others, as well as an option to search for more places. If you select one of the categories, let’s say gas stations, Maps will look for petrol stations along or close to your route and bring them up for you to choose from. They’ve even indicated how much time the detour would add to your total journey.

Once you’ve decided, tap the location and hit “Add stop” and Maps will navigate you accordingly. Pretty nifty if that fuel warning light suddenly pops on.

Next, Google incorporated some handy 3D Touch shortcuts to the Maps app as well. By hard-pressing on the Maps icon, it will let you either navigate to “Home” or navigate to “Work”. Not nearly as extensive as the 3D Touch features on the Apple Maps app, but useful nonetheless.

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If you’d like to get your hands on these features, simply update your Google Maps app to Version 4.16.0 in the App Store and you’re good to go.