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Streaming app Popcorn Time mounts a comeback with Hail Hydra update


You’ve got to love the usage of that Marvel catchphrase. These developers are not giving up and using a whisper reference just adds the icing on the cake to show they’re back with a bang. If you’re unfamiliar with Popcorn Time, this app is the pirate equivalent to Netflix – letting you stream and watch TV shows and movies.

The team that prefers to be known as “Pochoclin” present themselves to be the crusaders of the couch potato world. Despite their good-will, the BitTorrent-based client is still very much illegal and we don’t condone its use.


Popcorn Time has been in the MPAA’s (Motion Picture Association of America) line of sight since its inception and the main system shut down mainly because of the Association’s lawsuit. Actors need to be paid too, guys.

Word from the official blog mentions that some of Popcorn Time’s developers have opted to pursue the legal derivative or the app, called Butter. Seemingly, the two share the same fundamental coding in the two software’s.

As we highlighted earlier, being an illegal medium of consuming TV shows and movies, there’s bound to be some sites pretending to be Popcorn Time and they’ve done so all this while.


Here’s a graph was drafted up by the Reddit community, that’ll help you tell the which have malicious Trojans sitting patiently for you to slip up. Just saying – the URL for you to access the website and download the official app is listed on the bottom left of the image.

You’ll also have to face the uncertainty behind these anonymous developers who can just be masquerading under the Popcorn Time umbrella – another clear warning that we’re putting out there.

Those who gone and haven’t come back or want to try it now are a lucky bunch, as the developers who’ve reincarnated the app will be sticking to the original ethos – no monetisation and totally ad-free.

A final reminder, the legality of Popcorn Time is often of duked out in court, so use it at your own risk. That’s all folks.