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Sony’s smart product concepts are mighty intelligent



Interactions happen every day on every level. We use our senses to navigate the world around us but are often too preoccupied and stuck on our screens to experience life. Our reliance on these screens at all times of day are disruptive (not in a business sense) – they destroy some relationships and friendships; they sometimes are a matter of life and death and overall is just a nasty habit.

The disruption stops here with Sony Mobile’s Xperia smart products that’ll help you be more hands-free, eyes-free and voice smart when interacting with these devices. Smart assistants if you will.

Xperia Ear


Sony’s first device will live in your ear and boss you around to get your life together. Going as the Xperia Ear, this Bluetooth earbud will converse with you via verbal commands; making it easier to navigate through your schedule, and go fully hands-free while checking through some of your smartphone’s typical features – weather and news.

Since it’s your personal assistant, it’ll help you make calls, search the internet, put speech to text and even guide you to locations through GPS. All without looking at that darn screen of yours.

The Xperia Ear is compatible with Android devices and will be controlled via a host app where you’ll be able to tweak settings based on your personal preference, it’ll also run you through a how-to the first time you use it.


Made out of silicone, Sony wants you to have this in your ear throughout the day. It’s handy that it’s rated IPX2 and has a (claimed) all-day battery life. The earbud will arrive in a Graphite Black colour while you’ll charge the earpiece in its included case that doubles as a charger.

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Expect it to hit markets in Summer of this year.

Xperia Eye


Still in an early concept stage, the Xperia Eye is a handy ultra-portable camera that’ll follow you wherever you want it to. Its size resembles an inhaler and attaches via a clip mechanism – usually to a piece of clothing. You can wear it as a necklace too.

This is a deliberate showcase of Sony’s imaging technology in a small 360-degree spherical camera. Commands are conducted through voice or facial recognition – which is a bit freaky but its main purpose is to be always ready to take photos of the moments and people around you.

Xperia Projector


A projector isn’t all that new but a projector that responds to touch is something that will blow many people’s minds. Not only that, it also reacts to voice and gestures – much like a smartphone. No, this isn’t Sony’s first rodeo when it comes to portable projectors as we talked about the Portable Ultra Short Throw Projector before.

But this takes the cookie.

Xperia Agent


More projection here but it’s more about the personal assistant side of things with the Xperia Agent. The device is essentially your personal EVE (see WALL-E), providing you with necessary info and controls to your smart home appliances.

You’ll talk to it as it uses the same Sony voice technology and it takes off from there. Equip with a built-in camera and projector for screen gestures, we foresee the Xperia Agent making its way to homes around the world.