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Instagram to bump up its security by introducing two-step login authentication


Narcissistic behaviour has taken a hold of us humans since Twitter and Instagram came into the picture. There’s no point in arguing which of the two has a better argument to be secure, one keeps our thoughts in 140 characters while the other depicts the visuals in our lives.

Twitter added two-factor authentication since 2013 and Instagram has just decided to do the same. Yeah, it might be a little annoying to get into your account if you’re signing in from a new device but, at least, no random psychopath is going to have access to your precious Instagram account.

TechCrunch got in touch with an Instagram rep, confirming that they’ll begin to roll-out this added security layer.

Verification will come via text message on your smartphones so bear in mind that a valid phone number is necessary.


The typical routine will include an authentication code that is sent to your phone every time someone tries to access your account. Making it a little harder for hackers and stalkers to get inside your account as it’s more than just your email and password.

Since Facebook snapped up the online photo/video-sharing app, it seemed like a good idea to further enhance its login system but it’s taken quite a while to finally arrive.


For most of us, our Instagram accounts are no more than a photo/video album that we share with the world hoping we pass that 11 likes mark but for some it means a lot more and they’ll be sure to appreciate this news.