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Get two Pebble Time Round for this Valentine’s Day at 28% off


Here’s a gift idea for you and your loved one this Valentine’s Day. You can get a pair of Pebble’s Time Round smartwatch at 28% off. That’s US$359.99 (RM1,477) for two smartwatches instead of the usual price of US$499.98 (RM2,052) for two units.

The Pebble Time Round comes in two sizes, a larger 20mm band or a smaller 14mm version. For this promotion, there are 4 bundle options available:

Pebble Time Round Black (14mm) and Silver (14mm)
Pebble Time Round Black (20mm) and Silver (14mm)
Pebble Time Round Silver (20mm) and Silver (14mm)
Pebble Time Round Silver (20mm) and Black (20mm)





If you’re buying a single Pebble Time Round (14mm only), they are also giving a 14% discount if you purchase it with a spare leather band. This comes up to US$240.78 (about RM988) instead of its usual price of US$249.99. As always, you can order directly from Pebble’s online store and they will ship to Malaysia for free. If you’re interested, head over to Pebble’s smartwatch bundle promo page.

To recap, the Pebble Time Round is their thinnest and lightest smartwatch yet. It gets an always-on e-paper colour display encased in a marine grade stainless steel body. Like the original Pebble Time, it gets 3 buttons on the right for navigation and a single back button on the left. Due to its super thin 7.5mm profile, the Pebble Time Round battery life isn’t as great as its predecessor with just 2 days of rated use. Fortunately, you can charge it up quickly to full in just 30 minutes. Compared to other smartwatches, it is quite basic as it lacks a touch screen display and a heart rate sensor, but you get full time activity tracking, a large collection of watch faces and apps that are backed by its growing developer community.

To explore your smartwatch buying options, do check out our smartwatch buyer’s guide.

Alexander Wong